Monday, January 16, 2012

Why Martha Why?

When I saw this post I was shocked!  Apparently “The Martha Stewart Show” is . . .(gulp) canceled.  Production is suppose to end April 2012.  The post says that the show has struggled with low rating since moving to the Hallmark channel.  I must confess I think I’ve only watched a couple of episodes after the move.  It just wasn’t as convenient and the content didn’t seem as good.  And by that I mean that the direction seemed to change.  It use to be more home décor/craft centered.  Now it seems more . . . elitist.  Not sure if that’s the right word.  Maybe, unattainable is better.  When I first picked up Living I loved that I felt like I could do all the stuff in it.  Now, it seems like it’s full of unrealistic mansions and health advice.  So I’ve let my subscription lapse.     
What is almost just a disturbing is that Home Depot is no longer going to carry the Martha Stewart line of paints!  Noooooooo!  So you  may want to run and snatch up all the paint chips that you may want in the future.  Right now they have an agreement to still mix the colors using Glideen paint, but who knows how long that will last. 
Well, there goes my dream to attend a live taping of the show.  Pretty sure I can’t get there before April and I’m sure EVERYBODY is trying to get in for the last episode which the New York Post calls Oprah-esk.  And even bigger, there goes my dream to one day be on the show. . . . (sniff sniff tear).

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