Friday, January 20, 2012

Pinspiration: Gifts for Warm Wishes

This school year I haven’t been able to put as much thought into teachers gifts as I would like.  The main reason is because it jumped from 2 to 5 different teacher gifts!  Kind of hard to do on a budget.  So of course I went to Pinterest.  And then when I found a deal at Kohl’s on gloves from one of the many money saving blogs I follow on my reader I knew it was perfect.  The original idea is from It is What is Is, but the pin only linked backed to items tagged Christmas.  There are tons of great printable there, but I couldn’t find the post of the photo in the pin.  So I decided to make my own printable using Publisher. 

lulabellsdaughter Warm Wishes Gloves 02

It’s hard to take a picture of black gloves and white cardstock.

Here are the gloves I started with.  These were really nice chenille gloves marked for just around $2 a pair. 

lulabellsdaughter Warm Wishes Gloves 03

For the bags I found these clear gift bags in the party section at WM.  Can’t remember the price but I think they were around $2.  For 20 bags!

lulabellsdaughter Warm Wishes Gloves 04

Here is the part that did give me some difficulty.  I have seen a lot of bag toppers, but I’ve never seen any hint to how they are attached without showing staples.  I’ve seen some with staples showing, but I don’t really like that.  If I’ve went through all the trouble of making a printable, I don’t want to have my staples showing.  I discovered that If I stapled the bag first then I could attach the paper with my handy dandy glue runner. 

lulabellsdaughter Warm Wishes Gloves 05

One line on the edge of both sides, then sandwich over bag and press.  That is one of my favorite craft tools.

lulabellsdaughter Warm Wishes Gloves 06

And here you go. 

lulabellsdaughter Warm Wishes Gloves 07

And here is my inspiration.

I’m kind of on the fence about putting up a printable of this, since it wasn’t my idea.  But if there is a lot of interest in something like this, please let me know.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

That's very cute! I'm sure the teachers loved them! We just did headache bags and cookies this year. Not as exciting.