Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Out with the old and in with the New

Well hello 2012!  I can’t exactly say it snuck up on me, however I’m still surprised its here.  I can’t say either that 2011 was a bad year, yet I’m glad to see it go.  There are still plenty of things that I would have liked to have gotten done in 2011.  Again this year after Christmas, I started thinking about what my one word resolution might be.  In the past I have chosen Harvest (2011), Keep (2010), and Simplify (2009).  I’ve come up with nothin.  Partly because I’m not sure what I want to get out of 2012. 

Last year I knew what I wanted.  I wanted to reap memories and spend time with family and friends.  And I’ve tried to work hard in cultivating those relationships.  I just don’t think I stored as much as I wanted to. 

So what is it that I want out of 2012?  I still want to remove excess (I think this will be a continuing goal for the rest of my life).  I still want to make meaningful memories.  I want to be a good example.  I want to be the perfect wife for my husband.  I want to be a good mother.  I want to be a good daughter/sister/friend.  I want to work on being health (full disclosure here.  We have purchased p90x, but haven’t yet done it because the diet is confusing.  At least for me.  That is something that I want to work on.  But even if I don’t get the diet figured out I want to start eating better.  For my whole family.  More whole foods, and less eating out.)  I want to be a better steward of our finances.  I want to start reading more.  I saw on another blog were the resolution was to read more, and she set of goal of reading one book a month and shared her list.  I think I read four books last year.  For the WHOLE year.  While I just don’t have the time I would love to be able to learn new things this year.  And I would love to get pictures hung up on the wall.  That’s right people!  I am outing myself.  Though I love to look at HGTV , decorating magazines, and other people’s houses I can’t even hang anything in my own home!  Much less pick out furniture.  And I want to blog more.  I have let this blog get neglected and I hate it.  I feel like I have so many other priorities that I let this go.  Not that that in of itself is a bad thing but really I just let me go.  And I’m learning that when I do that everything else suffers.  All the relationships that I want to be a part of.  All the goals that I have.  If I don’t feel good, than nothing gets done.  I just not sure if there is one word that encompasses all that. 

Some of you have come up with some great words!  Any suggestions?

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