Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I never realized how much I want coffee in the morning until our coffee pot broke.  I miss it so much that I think I need the above print in my kitchen.  How cute would that look over a coffee station? 

So we spent all week last week without coffee.  I looked around, but couldn’t make a decision.  I even went and browsed the local WM, but left even more confused.  It seems like coffee makers now either come in one of two choices, pot or single serve.  And in the single serve you have the cheap ones that you have to feel with water for EVERY cup and only take the non standard pods to the very expensive  k cups.  Something just seems wrong in spending so much money on a machine that .  . . well that can’t bring me the coffee in the morning.  Or do the dishes.  But I know this style has become very popular.  And the people who have them say they love them.  So is it worth it?  Or do we go back to a cheap pot version? 

When I was in college I bought a Mr.Coffee pot in white for between $5 and $10 and it lasted for about ten years.  When it finally went caput we bought a little higher end $50 Mr.Coffee and it only lasted a couple of years.  The reason I think it crapped out is because  when you filled the water in the my old style pot it had an open section that you just poured the water in.  In my last one it had a grid over it and water would go everywhere.  So I think it must have run down the inside and crapped out the heating element or something. 

So the parts that have me one the fence are these:
1)  If we get a less complicated machine it will be a) cheaper b) less complicated c)if it does crap out then we won’t be out much d) maybe with less complicated parts it will last longer
2)  If we get a fancier single serve machine a) will it be of higher quality so it will last longer b) make those bleary eyed mornings so much easier

So friends I ask you, what would you do?  Do you have a coffee machine that you love?  Is it worth it for fancy coffee?

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