Saturday, December 3, 2011


I can’t believe that it is almost Christmas time already!  Wow have I lost time!  Remember how as a kid, it seemed time was slow and you couldn’t wait for it to hurry up?  Winter brakes seemed sooooo long?  What ever happened to that?  Now, the older I get it’s like time is gone in a wink.  It feels like Halloween was just a couple of weeks a go.  Ohie!
You know what I blame?  One word.  Pinterest.  Well, actually it’s more than that (like a computer that finked out on me), but lets face it, that’s where I’m putting all the blame.  What little time I’ve got to spend on the computer, I put into searching the Pinterest boards.  I’ve missed my birthday post, Halloween, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving!  Noooo, say it isn’t true!  So I’m considering this my Pin-ervention.  Cause I need one apparently!                                               
But the good thing about searching Pinterest in that I have been inspired to make a ton of stuff.  And organize!  Woot!

Want a teaser? (or a spoiler maybe)

Is that enough?

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