Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pinspiration: Spidery Cupcakes

See!  I haven’t just been sitting with my eyes glued to the Pinterest Boards.  I’ve been actually making stuff too!

2011-10-30 2011-10-30 001

Here are the spidey cupcakes I made for our Halloween party at school.  The invitations said to not wear costumes  with ghosts and witches and the like, but I didn’t think these were too scary . . .

2011-10-30 2011-10-30 002

The inspiration photo just has a regular Oreo, but I accidently picked up these double Oreos with chocolate and regular cream.  I think it kind of gives him an extra silly grin. 

2011-10-30 2011-10-30 003

2011-10-30 2011-10-30 004

And here is the gaggle of spidey cupcakes. 

Here is the inspiration photo . . .

I think these turned out super cute.  But they aren’t perfect.  The inspiration photo used some sort of chocolate licorice pulls, which I have NEVER seen in stores.  I luckily found some chocolate Twizzlers that I had to try to cut down because they were far too big.  I’ve had this problem before when I made the microphone cupcakes for the rock star party.  The inspiration photo had the same chocolate pulls.  I decided to use sour strings instead, which actually made them more colorful.  I could have not used anything, and they would have turned out just find too (except for the trying to cram cupcake into a ice cream cone part because I didn't know how to bake them in there).  I also decided to just use upside down mini-chips that I had on hand instead of spending more money to get the perfect eyes.  Sometimes is a balance, people.

2011-10-30 2011-10-30 015

And because I couldn’t leave the teachers out, I made these!  Chocolate cupcakes with Oreo icing topped with a double Oreo!  (The Oreo icing came in a squeeze tube!)

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