Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy {Belated} Birthday

Who forgets their own birthday?  Me!  That’s ok right?  I think I am at that age (past 30) when age no longer starts to matter right?  That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.  I really don’t feel that old.  Except when I start trying to explain what a big wheel is.  I mean really!  What are they teaching these kids anyway?  I digress.  Without further adieu here is my much anticipated birthday list  of randomness about me. . . .

1.   I quit the gym.  I could write a whole post about why, but I’ll just sum it up with customer service. 

2.  I’ve decided to give P90X a try, if I can figure out the diet.  Grief!

3.  I’ve got my craft closet about 60% organized.  I purged some (read moved down into the basement in a big bag), but still need to cut back a lot.  Seriously.  Anyone interested in a swap?

4.  Still wanting a pair of moccasin boots.  Bad.  But settled for a $35 Target boots found on Pinterest.  See Pinterest saves you money!

5.  I’ve decided that I’ve moved into a Johnny Cash phase.  Well, not a full fledged Johnny Cash phase, but more like a watered down version.  Instead of wearing black, I’m lovin’ wearing grey.  And listening to Cash.

6.  I’m so liking the gray that I had to go buy a gray coffee travel mug.  Word.

7.  I like ending random sentences with word. 

8.  I got to go to an Avett Brother’s concert before my Birthday. LOVED IT!  But left with a strong desire to wear flannel.  And grow a beard.  Just kidding about the beard. 

9.  My favorite holiday is still Halloween, but I didn’t even celebrate it this year.  Sure we went trick-or-treating, and but I didn’t have a party like I wanted or even decorate.  What’s up with that?

10.  Totally missed out on the family pumpkin carving picture this year.  I feel like such a bum.

11.  I did buy more black birds from the $1 store.  I have around 77 now.  Up from the 25 last year.  And I didn’t put out one.  Not one!

12.  I have a lot of Star Wars toys.  A LOT. 

13.  They are all piled in the basement.  I really need to clean that out.

14.  I also have to paint a cabinet and finish up a project down there too.  Oh procrastination.

15.  I’m thinking about going ahead and decorating for Christmas.  Not because I’m in the Christmas spirit, but because I’m afraid that I won’t be.  I don’t want it to be mid-January before I realize that we haven’t gotten a tree.  It could happen.

16.  Even though I don’t feel my age, I have a white streak in my hair.  I’m hoping I can play it off like “I’m sooooo cool like I have a white streak or something.”   Or that I’m like Kitty Bartholomew.  Or something. 

17.  I have been going to Bible study, but I can never get the homework completed. 

18.  I only have one picture hung in our master bedroom. 

19.  My BFF and I actually painted my master bedroom.  It’s called Potter’s Clay.  And of course it’s a Martha color.  I would share the pics, but the rest of the room is far from ready.

20.  We bought a new oven too.  It is so much better.

21.  I always thing that making a list about myself will be easy, but half way through I realize I’m really not that interesting. 

22.  There is a blogging conference coming up that I am thinking about attending.  But since I’m a lazy blogger I’m not sure if it will be worth it or just a waste of time.  Or make me realize that I am more lazy than I realize. 

23.  My Mom can literally make anything,  If fact I am wearing a ring that she made now.  And when I say made, I mean melted down metal, craved a tree branch to make the mold, and then sanded the whole thing smooth.  She is crazy talented.   When my Mother-in-law asked where I got my ring, and I told her Mom made it she said, “Of course!” 

24.  is my favorite number!

25.  I am probably the only person that has a blog, but hasn’t joined Facebook.  Thought about it only so I could put my status as “Whoop.  Joined the Facebook!  So now it is officially not cool.” 

26.  I am also probably the only person who finds that funny! 

27.  I finished reading the new Vince Flynn novel.  I read it in a week.  After I read an older one that my husband had, I went back and got all of the books that he had from the series, ordered the two that were missing and read them from beginning to end.  They are great! 

28.  In fact, I liked them so much that I would go to bed early so I could read them.  My husband would ask where I was going and I would say on a date with Mitch Rapp. 

29.  I have never read a Harry Potter book.   I have also  never read or seen a Twilight movie. 

30.  I’m actually thinking about starting the HP series, but there is no way in the world I want to read/see Twilight.  Just can’t do it.  But the new movie that is coming out that they are saying is the next big thing looks good. 

31.  Has anyone read/seen the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?  The movie preview looks really good. 

32.  I made my Husband take me to the mid-night viewing of Paranormal 3. I have never seen the other ones before.  LOVED it!  The theatre was packed.  And I think we were the oldest ones there. 

33.   And I still have the bestest family!

Wooo!  That was hard.  Not sure if I can do that next year!

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Pregnantly Plump said...

Happy Birthday! A little late. I'm not a facebook member either. I miss out on several coupons, freebies and contests, but it just doesn't seem worth it to me...
We loved the Harry Potter novels, and are excited for Little Elvis to get old enough for us to read the first one as a family. I tried to read the Twilight stuff because my cousin loaned them to me. I think it sets girls back a lot. Haven't seen the movies. I did read the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books and loved them (so did my mom and we have very different tastes.) We also watched the Swedish movies, but I'm really looking forward to David Finch's vision. The books are violent, and he's a good director choice.
Glad to see the new posts!