Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Ornament Swap

This year Sarah from Makin' Projiks hosted a Halloween Ornament Swap!  Two of my favorites, crafts and Halloween!  And lovely handmade ornaments back to me!  Yes, please!  So I signed myself up.  Then I realized . . . I would actually have to make ornaments. . . . and send them to Sarah . . . who is a mad crazy skilled crafter . . . who would send them to other crafters that probably had mad crazy skills too!  Eeeeep!  What had I done? 

So right away I started thinking about what I could make.  My BFF (who I dragged into the crazy) started scouring Pinterest and talking over ideas. 

I had to bring the skills ya’ll.  Had too!  I decided to do a twist on scherenschnitte (which is a fancy German word for fancy paper cutting) and use felt. 

Et viola!

2011-09-19 2011-09-19 001

2011-09-19 2011-09-19 002

2011-09-19 2011-09-19 003

Normally I would have finished the backs better, with either another black piece or a black circle with the middle cut out.  But I had to do this 12 more times.  That’s a lot of cutting ya’ll!

2011-09-19 2011-09-19 005

And in true lazy blogger form, go here (Swap Madness, Swap, More Swap aka where you see mine, End of Swap) to Sarah’s post to see all of the other ornaments that were in the swap!  Delish!

I also thought I would add in some ‘process’ photos.  It’s a rare moment, I think, in blogland when you actually get to see the not perfect crafts or the middle of something being made.  There are tons of tutorials, but that isn’t the same as trying to get a project to work.  By that point you know it’s going to work. 


This is the photo that I sent my BFF while I was trying to decide how to layer the felt.  If I should go simple spider on white like the traditional scherenschnitte or make it a little more 3D with a spider web.  The rest of the photos are me trying to decide what color spider web, and if I should put white behind it or leave it open.  Or still just do white with a simple silhouette. 






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