Thursday, August 11, 2011

Snack Attack

Can you believe that it’s the time for school to be starting back?  While I’m ready to get rid of this heat, I almost didn’t realize that it was that time already! 

This year I am going to have to pack snacks, which I have never done before.  Oh, sure sure I’ve packed snacks for family use occasionally, but somehow when you have to pack it every day ( or three days a week) it adds on a little pressure. 

I’m relatively sure I can come up with healthy choices, but what to put it in became the dilemma.  I needed something non-breakable, easy to open, relatively inexpensive, and most importantly food safe!  It astonishes me how much food storage is still out there that doesn’t say BPA free! 

When I think of storing food there are two names that comes to mind, Pyrex and Ball.  I knew Pyrex wouldn’t work, but maybe Ball would.  I decided to try some Ball freezer jars!  I found two sizes at WM, and decided to give them both a try.

2011-07-18 2011-07-18 007

I am so glad I did!  The smaller 8 oz size is perfect for cheese cubes, baby carrots, trail mix, and Freetos!  The bigger 16 oz is just the right size for bigger chips. 

2011-07-18 2011-07-18 005

The only down side to this is that I am such a container freak that two packs of 5 of the 8 oz just isn’t enough.  When I had a coupon a couple of weeks back for $1.00 off I had to buy another pack . . . and still don’t think it’s enough. 

I’ve been debating the idea of making some reusable snack bags, but just couldn’t figure out how they would make things simpler.  Sure it would mean less packaging, but how in the world do you get all of the little left over food bits out of all the nooks and thread.  I think this is a much better solution.  And now we can make our own personal sized chip backs without buying the individual sized ones and a much higher price.  Totally justifies me buying more freezer jars right?

What are your favorite healthy snacks?

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