Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Look What I Found at the Book Store

Here is book three on my night stand.  I haven’t gotten to it, yet but I’m really excited to crack it open.

2011-07-18 2011-07-18 040

I was really surprised when I came up on this at a random big book book store.  I hardly ever buy new books.  My husband goes through them like . . . . well like I have no idea what.  Let’s just say he had totes in the basement that I’ve been trying to talk him into doing something with.  I could use that space to store all my cool stuff (he would read as junk), but I digress.

When I saw this at the big book store I decided it was worthy of a splurge.  See what is inside?

2011-07-18 2011-07-18 042

One day people, one day . . . .

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