Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Field Taters

This morning before the heat over took us, I decided to go out and dig up our tators.  It was a plentiful harvest ya’ll!

Here is the first tator of the season.

2011-07-20 2011-07-20 005


2011-07-20 2011-07-20 009

Not bad for our little 8 x 16 backyard raised garden . . . or the back 40 as we like to call it.  Ok, so we’ve never actually called it that, but I think we will start. 

2011-07-20 2011-07-20 011

2011-07-20 2011-07-20 013

We got two, count um, TWO little baskets of taters!  One was from seed taters purchased from the feed and seed.  The other were cut up pieces from left over potatoes from the grocery store.  I can’t remember which was which.  Oh well.

Now here is the disclaimer.  Remember the photos of our little garden about two months ago?  No?  Well go here for a reminder. 

Here it is now.

2011-07-20 2011-07-20 014

Pitiful.  Just Pitiful.  It’s the heat I tell ya.  Yeah, that’s it!

Ok, really what happened was I tried to kill off the bugs organically using diluted dish detergent.  I killed the plants instead.  Lula Bell said that I used too much detergent and burnt the plants or sprayed them when it was too hot.  On some of the plants, the leaves turned brown, but then sprouted new growth.  The potato plants, however, totally wilted.  It didn’t seem to bother the maters at all!  Can’t wait!

2011-07-20 2011-07-20 016

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thrift Score: Atlanta I Love Thrifting Edition

Last Saturday I went on a thrifting adventure!  I have been scouring Craig's List, consignment stores, and antique markets for a cabinet to fit in our kitchen with no luck.  So when I saw that Rhoda of Southern Hospitality was hosting an  I Love Thriftying Party, I had to go.  Maybe it would be just the thing to break my bad luck.

source: Southern Hospitality

We visited several stores and then stopped for lunch.  It was so much fun seeing what the other ladies bought and visiting!  I can’t wait to go again.  Go check out Rhoda’s post here!

You know what?  I didn’t take one photo during the trip.  Not one.  I was too busy shopping!  Here is one that Rhoda took.  Do you see what I see?

source: Southern Hospitality

Those wonderful metal planters!  Only $7 a piece!  Didn’t notice them.  Don’t worry, I only saw them on my second trip around, and no one else noticed either.  But after I purchased them they got a lot of comments.   

I had so much fun on the trip!  I always wonder how experienced thriftiers shop, and now I know!  And it was so neat to see the things the others had picked out that I didn’t notice. 

Here is my loot ya’ll!

2011-07-09 2011-07-09 002

The chair was only $10, and is destined to either be re-caned by Lula Bell or made into a planter for my front porch. 

2011-07-09 2011-07-09 003

That’s right.  Couldn’t pass up the milk glass.  That Pyrex dish is a little faded, but still cute and useable.
2011-07-09 2011-07-09 013

Or this little sewing themed dish.  Perfect for a pin holder next to Birgita.

2011-07-09 2011-07-09 008

I didn’t almost pass on these books from the 50’s, but just couldn’t.  Even though the price was a little high, I thought.  I think they were $1.90 a piece.  Remember when used hard backs were $0.50?

2011-07-09 2011-07-09 010

The bowl and little pot are for a play kitchen I’m working on.  The muffin pan was for a chalk paint pallet.  All those little trash cans came wrapped up in a plastic bag.  I didn’t really know what I was getting, but when I  saw galvanized metal I snatched them up.   Not sure what they will become, but look how cute!

2011-07-09 2011-07-09 012

And last but not lease, here are the planters!  The best find of the day I think.

2011-07-09 2011-07-09 005

They have already found a place inside.  The first one turned this . . .

2011-07-14 2011-07-14 002

Into this!

2011-07-14 2011-07-14 003

The plant needs to be repotted I think, so I will find a bigger pot to fit in it, but I still love the effect. 
The other went above our entertainment center to be filled later.  But I love it!

2011-07-14 2011-07-14 006

Think you so much Rhoda, Mr. Goodwill Hunting, and the lovely ladies who attended!  I had loads of fun!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Makeover for LBD

I decided to have a little blog makeover!  What do you think about LBD’s knew look?  I’m not sure yet. There is something about the time when stores start to stock back to school supplies that makes me what to go clothes shopping for a whole new wardrobe.  Since I really can’t do that, I thought giving my blog a restyle was the next best thing.  

I hope this is easier to read.  I would love some feed back from ya’ll!  Is this better than the before?  Is there anything that isn’t working or you would change?  I can’t wait to hear back!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holy Moly it’s July!

WOW!  Where did June go?  Really!  I was expecting to have free time this summer to work posting about some of the projects that I have been working on.  What was I thinking?  I never understood why Moms seemed to have so much to do during the summer and why they were ready for school to start back.  Now I get it.  It’s not because they are tired of putting up with their rowdy kids (thought that might be it for some), but it means an end to the trying to keeping them entertained/karate practice/vacation planning/swimming lessons/vacation bible school/library visits/play dates!  In the middle of all that, I have wedged in a few projects, and hopefully I’ll be able to share those soon.  But I’m not making any promises! Smile

I hope everyone had a wonderful, easy, patriotic Fourth!