Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Camera Phone Photography

Time and time again I have seen bloggers apologizing for using photos that they have taken using their phones.  I find this very puzzling what with the capacities of camera phones these days.  In fact my 8mp phone takes better pictures than my husband’s first 3mp digital camera.  Maybe it’s because the camera phone isn’t seen as a real camera.  Then it got me to thinking about how many bloggers use a DSLR and never take it out of auto?  My photography professor once said that it didn’t really matter what you used, as long as you mastered the basics you could get beautiful photos from anything, even disposable cameras.  And since film has almost gone the way of the polaroid, I wonder if the camera phone hasn’t became the new disposable camera. 

2011-05-14 2011-05-14 002

2011-03-20 2011-03-20 042

2011-05-14 2011-05-14 004

2011-04-22 2011-04-22 003

2011-03-20 2011-03-20 047

So, why not the next time you reach for your camera phone, think about how you use it?  Is it a phone with a camera or a camera with a phone? 

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