Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day


Today we attended a Memorial Day service presented by several of our veteran groups.  It was very humbling.  I am so grateful and proud of our Soldiers, past and present.

I think this song is a perfect song for today.  And Zac’s video I posted last year.  Or this post over at

Bar-B-Q’s are good.  Picnics are great.  But the best way to celebrate the day is to remember the sacrifices of our fallen soldiers and their families and say thank you to those that are still serving.  Please take the time to do that today.  Just click on the link to the right. 

And to the Soldiers and their families who happen to read my blog {and you know who you are : ) }, a very big thank you!  

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pinterest . . . everybodies doing it.

I had every intention to write a post for yesterday and today. And take pictures of some of the things I plan on sharing. As you can tell there was no post yesterday. That’s because I was busy setting up my Pinterest site. Oh yes. And I LOVE it! I went through my favorites on my computer and through the posts I had saved on my Reader and pinned them up. It took me all day (because I had a ton of stuff saved), but now I can see things all together. The things I want to make won’t get lost in all the mess now. It’s like . . . . Clean Sweep for your inspiration files! A place for everything and everything in its space. I also deleted some things that I didn’t need any more that was just taking up room on my computer. It makes me want to take a deep breath in and go . . . . . ahhhhhhhh.

Want to see my site? I know you do! And I want to see yours too so if you have one (and you should) then let me know! See my link over there to the right. Just click on that.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Camera Phone Photography

Time and time again I have seen bloggers apologizing for using photos that they have taken using their phones.  I find this very puzzling what with the capacities of camera phones these days.  In fact my 8mp phone takes better pictures than my husband’s first 3mp digital camera.  Maybe it’s because the camera phone isn’t seen as a real camera.  Then it got me to thinking about how many bloggers use a DSLR and never take it out of auto?  My photography professor once said that it didn’t really matter what you used, as long as you mastered the basics you could get beautiful photos from anything, even disposable cameras.  And since film has almost gone the way of the polaroid, I wonder if the camera phone hasn’t became the new disposable camera. 

2011-05-14 2011-05-14 002

2011-03-20 2011-03-20 042

2011-05-14 2011-05-14 004

2011-04-22 2011-04-22 003

2011-03-20 2011-03-20 047

So, why not the next time you reach for your camera phone, think about how you use it?  Is it a phone with a camera or a camera with a phone? 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Me and Birgita

Remember when I made the trip to Craft Market and picked up this?

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 019

And was so tickled that this was inside?

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 020

Well, it got me thinking about my relationship with Birgita.  In fact, chapter two is titled You and Your Machine A Love Story.  When I first got her, I had never used a sewing machine before.  Ever.  At.  All.  In fact when I got her, I didn’t even know what I was looking for in a machine.  I always to a lot of research before I make a large purchase, but one day my mother-in-law said, “Lisa, if you keep waiting to find the perfect machine than you will never buy one.”  And she was probably right.  But we had a lot a bumps along the way . . . and a lot of things that just didn’t turn out

After looking through the first couple of pages of Stitch by Stitch, I realized that I should have had this book when I first got Birgita.  It would have saved me a lot of tears and frustration early on.  I was hoping that by now I would have worked my way through the book, but that (like my blog) has been neglected.  I hope that I can start working on that soon.  In fact, I might try to give myself a challenge and dedicate a whole month to it.  That way I will have to do it right?  Maybe after I finish sharing all the projects that I still have on my list. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Moments with Martha

Since you are reading this, I am sure you are aware for my adoration of all things Martha.  I guess that would make me a  . . . Martha-phile?  Maybe I should add that to my about-me section.  I think I shall . . . I digress. 

I’ve spend the last couple of days going over some of the projects that I’ve  done  during my two month hiatus and making a list.  I realized that I had a few themes going. 

2010-11-24 2010-11-24 008

With all the themed days out there I thought I would start one of my own.  My Moments with Martha is morphing into ….(drum roll)……Mondays with Martha .. artha artha artha!

Or Moments with Martha Mondays . . . . no Mondays with Martha . . . . maybe. 

2010-12-20 2010-12-20 001 edit


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer Bias Tape

Look at this deliciousness I found at WM of all places!

2011-04-09 2011-04-09 002

Looks like watermelon, oranges, swimming pools, kiwi pie, and glorious sunshine to me!  Hello summer and sewing projects!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Priority Shift

Hello friends.  What I thought was going to be a few weeks off, turned into two months!  The longer I was away, the harder it was to get back into the swing of things.  I continued crafting and coming up with things that I wanted to talk about, but actually getting the spare time to actually sit down and get on the computer was just too hard.  Plus, where would I start?

Well, I’m going to attempt to do that now.  I feel like if I don’t get back on, I never will.  The truth be told I’ve sort of missed it.  Without the blog it’s hard to remember all the things I’ve made.  And I miss sharing with my crafting friends. 

I do often wonder how other ‘big bloggers’ manage to get things done.  I know a lot of people have shared the keeping it real posts, which does make me feel a little better, but honestly how in the world do they manage the time to actually make things?  I also have read several posts about how their blogs seems to shift their priorities and sometimes they need to take a break to shift it back.  So I’m going to say that is what this two month break was . . . .a priority shift.

Are you buying it . . . . . .