Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How ya’ll doing?

Are you covered in snow?  It didn’t hit us here for once!  I’m glad, because I don’t think I could take another week snowed in.  Because it always seems to be followed with colds.  And I’ve had enough of those too!

I can’t believe it’s February.  Where did January go?  I’m here still trying to get caught up.  I really intended to have a very cool craft post up last week.  I’m still only half way done with it.  Not only did I put off the project for . . . . seven or eight years but now I am putting off the post about it.  Shesh!  On top of that I am trying to plan a party.  I love me some parties!  AND I signed up for bringing Valentine’s gift bags.  I would like to think that mine were so awesome that I scared all the other mother’s signing up for it, but I’m not sure that that was the reason that it was one of the last three things left.  The other two were grapes and cheese squares . . . . (cue the crickets). 

I’m also having a little problem getting motivated to make these gift bags.  I just ain’t in it.  I don’t want to do an encore of the Halloween and Christmas bags.  I don’t want to be a one trick pony.  And I can’t just go buy everything. . . . because it’s me we are talking about.  So . . . . you other Mommies out there help me out!  What do you guys like to see in gift bags or favor bags?  What do you not like to see?  What do you think the kiddos really like?  Have there been any inspiration out there that you have filed away in your to-do pile that you would like to share?


Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm doing little red cups with names on them this year. Little Elvis likes to see his name on things. He also loves suckers. I don't like little plastic toys that get torn up into little pieces immediately.

Ann Wyse said...

How about homemade stickers? Whatever-item-you-like (decorative paper, ribbon, leaf, candy heart) is the sticker with double stick tape on the back?

Not sure other mom will appreciate it, but kids seem to like them. ;-)