Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I started thinking about my word for 2011 the day after Christmas.  I wanted to be prepared.  I thought about my past one word resolutions (Simplify for 2009 and Keep for 2010), and whether or not I had been successful.  I thought about what I had gained for keeping these words in mind, and what I had lost.  Maintaining the housework has become easier with less clutter.  I’ve realized that I don’t have to go all out for the holidays, and it will be ok.  And more importantly there are just some things that I’m not going to get done, and those things don’t really matter anyway. 

I also thought about how much I still want to accomplish, and how hard I’ve worked.  I just couldn’t find a word that fit with what I had done, and what I still wanted to do.  And then today I found my word.  I feel like I have cut out a lot of excess in my life, and I’ve tried to expect less, but I’ve also feel like I’ve lost some of me along the way.  Thinking about this reminded me of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.  “To everything there is a season . . .”  Especially the verse about a time to casting away stones, and  a time to gather stones.  I think I’m ready for my gathering season. 

So that is why I thought this word would fit my resolve for 2011?  Harvest: the season when ripened crops are gathered; a supply of anything gathered at maturity and stored; to gain, win, acquire, or use; and the product of an effort, action, etc.

That doesn’t mean I want more “stuff.”  It means I want to store memories, gather for my future, and to gain more focus on my family.  In the south there is a tradition that what you do on the first day of the year is what you will be doing for the whole year.  I decided that I want to be surrounded with my family, so we had a big lunch to celebrate the new year.  It was on 1/1/2011 at 1 o’clock.  We were filled with collards and mustard greens for money, black  eyed peas for luck, and deer roast.  It was a good day.

So goodbye 2010, and hello 2011!  May you bring a year filled with love, good health, and a bountiful harvest!

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