Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Party Gift Bags

I always get busy and never post my Christmas crafts until way after Christmas.  Oh well.  Better late then never, right?

I wasn’t really as into these as I was the Halloween bags.  There was already a gift swap for the festivities, so I decided to keep it simple and basically do the same things that I had before but with a Christmas twist.  I also waited until the night before to make these, so that sort of limited things. 

Here are the bags that I made with my little helper.  Basically these are large lunch sacks stamped with foam stamps.

2010-12-14 2010-12-14 006

Here is the Christmas themed coloring books that I made.

2010-12-14 2010-12-14 007

The images again came from the Crayola website. I used Publisher to lay out the pages.  This was a lot easier this time.  I used basically the same format as the one before, but with a few changes.  Instead of trying to do front and back pages, I just did one on each page.  I also put the book plate on the inside cover. 

2010-12-14 2010-12-14 008

I really wished I had some decorative tape to cover the stitches on the cover.  I thought about making some using fabric, but decided since it was the night before to keep it simple.

Here is my favorite part!  I LOVE making these!  This time I put them on these cardstock cards. 

2010-12-14 2010-12-14 009

I also added good chocolate candy and oranges.  Oranges are sort of a tradition in the south.  I really hope the kiddos liked these.

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