Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We Went Shopping at Indie Craft Experience

A few ago, we made a trip to Indie Craft’s Experience’s Holiday Shopping Spectacular in Atlanta.  Or as I like to call it Craft Market.  I had really really wanted to go to this, so bad that I decided to go even though I hadn’t been feeling the greatest.  Probably wasn’t a good idea on my part because I paid for it later.  But it was worth it because I got some great loot!  This is basically half of my Christmas presents . . . to myself. 

Want to see what we got?

Isn’t this the cutest! 

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 008

It’s a hand knit hat from Tot Toppers!  She has patterns too.  Man, I wish I could knit!  Too cute!

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 006

This same from The Small Object!  I was really wanting to look at all her cute stuff and find something for me, but when this was spotted it was immediately pressed to a certain someone’s cowboy shirt . . . I think it’s pretty awesome, and I might wear it myself.

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 013

And look at this cute change purse!  It’s from The Long Thread!  She had several things to choose from, but I decided on this because the little flowers are so cute and I LOVE the colors.  This was drawn by one of her children!  How awesome is that!

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 014

It was really nice meeting Ellen and talking with her!  I felt a little silly introducing myself and telling her that I read her blog.  But it was also cool to but a face to something that I read all the time.  And use patterns from.  Makes it more personal, ya know?

When I saw the Whipstitch booth I asked for this book right away!  And I am sooooo glad I did.  So glad that I am going to write another post about it later.

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 018

And look what’s inside!

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 020

Here is something that I had been waiting on for a year.  I saw the Fernworks booth at last years craft market, but instead of snatching up one right away I decided to walk around and then to come back.  After I walked around it was just too hot!  I decided to quit looking and start back back for the car (did I mention that it was in the summer and in the middle of downtown?)  So I miss out on getting a necklace, and I regretted it ALL YEAR!  I’m so glad that she was back. 

This stuff is AMAZING!  It’s found objects or art embedded in resign.  Sometimes it’s layered to create a depth effect.  It was really hard picking one thing!  I decided to go with this little fern.  I had ferns at my wedding. 

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 021

And I had to share this picture because you can see the shadow behind the fern. 

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 027

And look how she packaged it!  Perfect!

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 030

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 032

This little nest necklace was my other pick.  How awesome would it be if you had this necklace with a little ‘egg’ for each of your littles?  Precious! 

It was really hard deciding.  Even her business cards are pretty!

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 033

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 034

If you want to pretend that you went shopping with me you can go here and look at all the venders

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