Thursday, December 9, 2010

Milk Glass Lamps and LED’s

2010-11-17 2010-11-17 008

Remember these milk glass lamps that I found way back when?  Remember?  Well, I finally got them rewired!  It wasn’t hard, but it was a little more involved then I thought. 

While taking them apart I realized that one of the lamps had been broken.  As I was washing off the milk glass it came apart in my hands.  Luckily I was able to glue it together.  And the other lamp was wobbly and missing a washer which meant another trip to the lighting department at HD. 

But look how cute they look with these shades from Ikea!  These aren’t the shades that I will be using but I had to show you something other than bare lamps.  Pottery Barn has a version of these same shades.  I really like these. 

2010-11-17 2010-11-17 010

And to prove to you that my rewiring job worked viola’! 

2010-11-17 2010-11-17 012

(As a side note these are new LED blubs that aren’t going to used in these lamps either.  I took the shades and the blubs from my floor lamps in the living room.  I really like the LED’s but they are directional.  Meaning if I used them for these small lamps on a bed side table, which is where they are going to end up, then all the light would go up to the ceiling.  I did put them in the floor lamps because they angle down. I was also concerned about a certain young someone knocking over the lamps and breaking the CFL’s that we did have in there.  These are much saver, although more expensive.  We also changed out our ceiling fans with these.  One thing about these that confused me is that I thought one of the advantages to LED’s was that they produced light but not heat.  While the bulbs don’t seem to get very hot, the metal part at the base does.  The boxes say that you can’t use them in enclosed light fixtures.  Oh, well.) 


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Pregnantly Plump said...

Very cute! I love the IKEA shade.