Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Boot Gift Card Holder

Sometimes it’s better when crafting plans don’t pan out.  You start on something only to realize that it’s not going to work.  That’s usually when the best crafts happen because you have to be innovative and use what you have. That’s how I made these!  It was my third attempt at making a gift card holder and I love it!  After my second attempt at drawing out a stocking  my husband said “can you make them boots?”  Light bulb!

It’s getting down to the wire folks, and if you are still needing gifts than these are perfect!  And since I think these are so perfect, I decided to share them as my gift to you!  Merry Christmas!!!

2010-12-17 2010-12-17 014

2010-12-17 2010-12-17 005

They are simple to make, and don’t take much time or supplies.  Not only that it makes giving a gift card more personal!  It’s a gift card and a handmade present all in one!  Genius!

2010-12-17 2010-12-17 009

Have I sold you yet?  If so here is how you make them.

Here is the template.  You should be able to save it as a jpg, and then use Microsoft Word or Illustrator to print this out on a full sized sheet of paper.  The boots should measure almost 4 1/2” across and 4” high.  If you have trouble with this email me and I will email you a template.

 LBD Christmas Boot Gift Card Ornament

Or if you want to, draw your own.  I used a gift card I had, and then drew around it. 

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 009

Then cut out two boots in your main boot color.  Keep in mind that some felt has a front and back.  That’s why I folded my felt and cut out both boots at the same time.

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 012

Next, cut out your sole in a darker color.  I didn’t include that on the template because it’s a simple rectangle.  I also free handed the berries and holly, but I did include those on the template for you.

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 015

Here are all my pieces cut out and ready for the next step.  If you decide to do the Santa boot, make sure you use two pieces of white for the fluff.  Or if you want to give it a try, why not use cotton?! 

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 017

Now for the stitches.  This is the only part that really takes any amount of time.  About 1/4” from the side, make a stich in from the front with your embroidery floss. 

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 018

After you pull the needle through, only pull through one thread. 

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 019

Go back in through the back, about 1/4” from the original stitch.  Then make your third stitch about  1/4” from the top of your first stitch.

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 020

Repeat until you are almost at the top of the boot like this.  It took me about five loops.  When you at at the top, make sure you finish with the strand pulled through facing you.

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 021

Next re-thread your needle with the remaining thread from the first step, and start lacing up your boots. 
When you are done stitching it should look like this.  I finished mine with a simple bow double knotted.  Clip the ends to shorten it to the desired length.

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 026

Next, I laid my gift card where I wanted it to be, gluing around the outside edges of the boot, and around the bottom of the gift card leaving the top open.

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 028

Fold ribbon into a loop, and lay on top right edge of boot.  Apply dot of glue between ribbon ends if needed, and one dot of glue on top.  Lay down top boot piece.  The glue on sole, holly, and berries.

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 029

Here is my first batch!

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 001

If you do decide to make these, remember that these are for personal use only please!  Make as many as you want (please do), but these are for gift giving, not for selling.  If you do whip up a batch of these, please link back here and leave a comment letting me know!

And come back soon, because I just might have another gift (ahum . . . givaway!) for you!



Erin said...

Those are absolutely fabulous!!! And easy! Even I can do that much sewing. :)

They put mine to shame. LOL

Lisa said...

Too cute! Gift cards can be boring to give as gifts, but these make a fun little package to give!