Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A CSN Giveaway

By now I’m sure you have heard of CSN’s family of stores!  Right?  If not, CSN is a company with over 200 online stores where you can find everything from stylish furniture, leather messenger bags, or great cookware!   And even better they have graciously offered a $20 promotional code to one of you! 

And just so you know, I could have kept this just for me.  I could have bought this

Aeromax Fire Power Super Soaking Fire Hose with Backpack - FPWR

or this

Exaco Kitchen Compost Collector - ECO 2000


Exaco Kitchen Compost Collector - ECO 2000

or maybe this

Atlantic Canrack - 1002


Atlantic Canrack - 1002

Instead, I thought it better to share with ya'll!  Just because I like you and to show you how much I appreciate you!  Ahawwww!  I'm also hoping that we can keep the giving spirit of Christmas going for just a little while longer. 

Here are the ways to enter:

For your first entry, go to one of the many CSN stores, come back and tell me what you would pick with your $20. 

After that you can do any of the following:

1.  Follow my blog!  Let me know for one entry.

2.  Blog about this giveaway.  Link back and let me know for five entries.

3. Visit the Letters for Lyrics widget on my sidebar, write a letter thanking a soldier, come back and tell me about it for one entry.  You can do this as many times as you want, just make sure you write a new letter each time, and leave a new comment each time including the number.  That means unlimited entries!

4. Add the Letters for Lyrics widget to your side bar, come back and tell me about it for an extra 10 entries!

For each entry to be counted correctly make sure you leave a comment each time, with the number.  Also, make sure you either have your email posted clearly on your blog or leave it with each comment.

I blogged your giveaway #1  or   I wrote a letter thanking a soldier at Letters for Lyrics #100

What are you doing still here reading?  Get to entering!  You only have until January 8th to enter!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Boot Gift Card Holder

Sometimes it’s better when crafting plans don’t pan out.  You start on something only to realize that it’s not going to work.  That’s usually when the best crafts happen because you have to be innovative and use what you have. That’s how I made these!  It was my third attempt at making a gift card holder and I love it!  After my second attempt at drawing out a stocking  my husband said “can you make them boots?”  Light bulb!

It’s getting down to the wire folks, and if you are still needing gifts than these are perfect!  And since I think these are so perfect, I decided to share them as my gift to you!  Merry Christmas!!!

2010-12-17 2010-12-17 014

2010-12-17 2010-12-17 005

They are simple to make, and don’t take much time or supplies.  Not only that it makes giving a gift card more personal!  It’s a gift card and a handmade present all in one!  Genius!

2010-12-17 2010-12-17 009

Have I sold you yet?  If so here is how you make them.

Here is the template.  You should be able to save it as a jpg, and then use Microsoft Word or Illustrator to print this out on a full sized sheet of paper.  The boots should measure almost 4 1/2” across and 4” high.  If you have trouble with this email me and I will email you a template.

 LBD Christmas Boot Gift Card Ornament

Or if you want to, draw your own.  I used a gift card I had, and then drew around it. 

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 009

Then cut out two boots in your main boot color.  Keep in mind that some felt has a front and back.  That’s why I folded my felt and cut out both boots at the same time.

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 012

Next, cut out your sole in a darker color.  I didn’t include that on the template because it’s a simple rectangle.  I also free handed the berries and holly, but I did include those on the template for you.

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 015

Here are all my pieces cut out and ready for the next step.  If you decide to do the Santa boot, make sure you use two pieces of white for the fluff.  Or if you want to give it a try, why not use cotton?! 

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 017

Now for the stitches.  This is the only part that really takes any amount of time.  About 1/4” from the side, make a stich in from the front with your embroidery floss. 

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 018

After you pull the needle through, only pull through one thread. 

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 019

Go back in through the back, about 1/4” from the original stitch.  Then make your third stitch about  1/4” from the top of your first stitch.

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 020

Repeat until you are almost at the top of the boot like this.  It took me about five loops.  When you at at the top, make sure you finish with the strand pulled through facing you.

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 021

Next re-thread your needle with the remaining thread from the first step, and start lacing up your boots. 
When you are done stitching it should look like this.  I finished mine with a simple bow double knotted.  Clip the ends to shorten it to the desired length.

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 026

Next, I laid my gift card where I wanted it to be, gluing around the outside edges of the boot, and around the bottom of the gift card leaving the top open.

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 028

Fold ribbon into a loop, and lay on top right edge of boot.  Apply dot of glue between ribbon ends if needed, and one dot of glue on top.  Lay down top boot piece.  The glue on sole, holly, and berries.

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 029

Here is my first batch!

2010-12-16 2010-12-16 001

If you do decide to make these, remember that these are for personal use only please!  Make as many as you want (please do), but these are for gift giving, not for selling.  If you do whip up a batch of these, please link back here and leave a comment letting me know!

And come back soon, because I just might have another gift (ahum . . . givaway!) for you!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Milk Glass Lamps and LED’s

2010-11-17 2010-11-17 008

Remember these milk glass lamps that I found way back when?  Remember?  Well, I finally got them rewired!  It wasn’t hard, but it was a little more involved then I thought. 

While taking them apart I realized that one of the lamps had been broken.  As I was washing off the milk glass it came apart in my hands.  Luckily I was able to glue it together.  And the other lamp was wobbly and missing a washer which meant another trip to the lighting department at HD. 

But look how cute they look with these shades from Ikea!  These aren’t the shades that I will be using but I had to show you something other than bare lamps.  Pottery Barn has a version of these same shades.  I really like these. 

2010-11-17 2010-11-17 010

And to prove to you that my rewiring job worked viola’! 

2010-11-17 2010-11-17 012

(As a side note these are new LED blubs that aren’t going to used in these lamps either.  I took the shades and the blubs from my floor lamps in the living room.  I really like the LED’s but they are directional.  Meaning if I used them for these small lamps on a bed side table, which is where they are going to end up, then all the light would go up to the ceiling.  I did put them in the floor lamps because they angle down. I was also concerned about a certain young someone knocking over the lamps and breaking the CFL’s that we did have in there.  These are much saver, although more expensive.  We also changed out our ceiling fans with these.  One thing about these that confused me is that I thought one of the advantages to LED’s was that they produced light but not heat.  While the bulbs don’t seem to get very hot, the metal part at the base does.  The boxes say that you can’t use them in enclosed light fixtures.  Oh, well.) 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We Went Shopping at Indie Craft Experience

A few ago, we made a trip to Indie Craft’s Experience’s Holiday Shopping Spectacular in Atlanta.  Or as I like to call it Craft Market.  I had really really wanted to go to this, so bad that I decided to go even though I hadn’t been feeling the greatest.  Probably wasn’t a good idea on my part because I paid for it later.  But it was worth it because I got some great loot!  This is basically half of my Christmas presents . . . to myself. 

Want to see what we got?

Isn’t this the cutest! 

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 008

It’s a hand knit hat from Tot Toppers!  She has patterns too.  Man, I wish I could knit!  Too cute!

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 006

This same from The Small Object!  I was really wanting to look at all her cute stuff and find something for me, but when this was spotted it was immediately pressed to a certain someone’s cowboy shirt . . . I think it’s pretty awesome, and I might wear it myself.

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 013

And look at this cute change purse!  It’s from The Long Thread!  She had several things to choose from, but I decided on this because the little flowers are so cute and I LOVE the colors.  This was drawn by one of her children!  How awesome is that!

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 014

It was really nice meeting Ellen and talking with her!  I felt a little silly introducing myself and telling her that I read her blog.  But it was also cool to but a face to something that I read all the time.  And use patterns from.  Makes it more personal, ya know?

When I saw the Whipstitch booth I asked for this book right away!  And I am sooooo glad I did.  So glad that I am going to write another post about it later.

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 018

And look what’s inside!

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 020

Here is something that I had been waiting on for a year.  I saw the Fernworks booth at last years craft market, but instead of snatching up one right away I decided to walk around and then to come back.  After I walked around it was just too hot!  I decided to quit looking and start back back for the car (did I mention that it was in the summer and in the middle of downtown?)  So I miss out on getting a necklace, and I regretted it ALL YEAR!  I’m so glad that she was back. 

This stuff is AMAZING!  It’s found objects or art embedded in resign.  Sometimes it’s layered to create a depth effect.  It was really hard picking one thing!  I decided to go with this little fern.  I had ferns at my wedding. 

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 021

And I had to share this picture because you can see the shadow behind the fern. 

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 027

And look how she packaged it!  Perfect!

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 030

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 032

This little nest necklace was my other pick.  How awesome would it be if you had this necklace with a little ‘egg’ for each of your littles?  Precious! 

It was really hard deciding.  Even her business cards are pretty!

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 033

2010-11-22 2010-11-22 034

If you want to pretend that you went shopping with me you can go here and look at all the venders