Thursday, November 4, 2010

Theme Songs

I thought of this while I was writing the post for my birthday.  I was going to say what my theme song was, but then realized that this would take a lot longer than a couple of sentences. 

Remember how on the show Alli McBeal (which I never watched and I don’t know why I know this . . . except everybody talked about this show . . . but me because I never watched it) there was this music that played when she walked?  Kind of like her own personal theme song.   Well, I have a theme song!  Except in my mind it’s more like the entrance music that they play before professional wrestlers come out on stage.  Or like Elvis with Also sprach Zarathustra.

Mine use to be Good Intentions by Toad the Wet Sprocket.  Or I guess, if I had a soundtrack, and in my mind I do, this would probably be the song for my early twenties.  But life changed, as it does, and that doesn’t really fit me any more. 

So now I sort of feel like  Live a Life Less Ordinary by Carbon Leaf is my theme song.  Then there are those days when this song , Easier Life by Loyola, sort of works.  (For the record I probably spent 30 minutes trying to find that song.  It sort of makes me feel kind of cool and hip that I know a song that you can’t find on the internet.  Then again, I think I just lost all my points using the word “hip.”)

If you listen to the clip you hear the part about wanting  a mansion.  That’s not really the part that I relate to.  To me having all that stuff would make life way more complicated.  Another part of the song goes “I burnt the fries at work, my boss is such a jerk, I want an easier life.”  And even though I’m a stay at home Mom, and not a fry cook (. . . wait am I?) I do feel bogged down sometimes.  Things that seem like they should be easy aren’t, and I just want to pull out my hair. 

Then again, I have those good days when stuff  seem to click together, and I realize things are working better than they seem.  And maybe I’m seizing life, instead of letting it seize me.  Know what I mean?

But really I want to know what your theme song is?

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