Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Theme Halloween Party Treat Bags

I was so excited about the Halloween party at school that I asked about signing up weeks in advance.  When the sign up list came out, our name was typed in.  Yeah. 

You already saw the pumpkin crayons ,

2010-10-22 2010-10-22 007

so now on to the bags.

2010-10-22 2010-10-22 002

I really wanted to find an image online of a pumpkin that I could print onto the bags so that the kiddos could color in a jack lantern.  After searching all morning, I came up empty.  I thought about coming up with my own image and scanning it in, but just decided to free hand it with sharpies. 

2010-10-22 2010-10-22 003

This was what started the whole thing.  When I saw these Tootsie Pop Pumpkins on Skip to My Lou I really wanted to try and make them.  It’s tissue paper cut in 6” rounds.  You put a white reinforcement label in the middle of the circle and push tootsie roll pops through the hole.  Then you wrap it up with floral tape.  I decided to use brown.  I tried brown and green, but thought the brown looked better.  I could have left them like that for pumpkins, but decided to but cute little faces on them with a sharpie.  That part was harder than I thought because of all the folds of tissue paper.  I will be doing this one again.

2010-10-22 2010-10-22 008

I decided since I had crayons that I had to add a little coloring book.  The hardest thing about these was making the cover.  I designed it and the laid out the pages using Publisher, but I think you could do this on most any program.  If you would like a copy of this cover, just shoot me an email and I will try to send a copy.  I’m not sure how to add it here yet.

I sized everything to be half a letter size so I could print two to a page.  I used card stock that I had on hand which turned out to be purple and green.  I really wanted it to be orange so I could have a pumpkin theme, but the crayons weren’t orange either so I guess it still fits.

2010-10-22 2010-10-22 010

Here is the first page.  I got all of these images from the Crayola website.  They worked out perfect.  I ended up not laying out the images exactly right, but for every picture I had a letter page that went with it.  B for Bats, T for Trick or Treat, H for Happy Halloween.  I thought it went together really well.

2010-10-22 2010-10-22 009

This is where the instructions came from for making the coloring books.  I didn’t really use the sizes or the program, but the idea for sewing the books together. There are also some really good websites for pintables listed.   I wish I had some Halloween themed sticker tape to put down the binding but I didn’t.  Maybe next time. 

And here is everything laid out ready to be put into the bags.  I didn’t want a lot of candy, because I figured that the kids would be full up on sweets by the end of the weekend.  Besides the tootsie roll pops I did add these popcorn balls.  I’m not sure if the other parents will like me after this though.  They were really good, but sort of messy.

2010-10-22 2010-10-22 001

For the teachers bags, I did the same thing except instead of coloring books and crayons they got these.

2010-10-27 2010-10-27 0022010-10-27 2010-10-27 006

I made these using black card stock, a MS paper punch, orange scrap card stock, glue runner, and a black sharpie.  And behind the orange note is a Starbucks gift card.  See I did stick with a pumpkin theme!

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