Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Pumpkin Crayons

2010-10-29 2010-10-29 009

Here are some pumpkin crayons that I made for our gift bags for this years school Halloween party.  Fun, fun!  I love making crayons!

It all started several months back with some crayons I found at the thrift.

2010-10-18 2010-10-18 002

They were Halloween treats that someone had bought marked down and then never used.  Score!  I could have just used them like this because the bag had never been opened, but why stop there. 

Next I found these at the Dollar Tree. 

2010-10-29 2010-10-29 001

At first I only got one of the pumpkin one, but after I went back I decided to pick up the an extra one, and two of the skulls.  I’m not big on bones for Halloween.  Don’t get me wrong, I like scary but I there is something about it.  I decided to get them because I thought that they might work for a pirate theme later.  Or something. 

I picked up an extra because I hate waiting.  I’m so impatient!   I had originally planned on making crazy crayons, but since these are sort of small and I had all of these that were the same color I thought why not make a set of one of each! 

2010-10-19 2010-10-19 003

This time I decided to try and use baby food jars.  I decided this was not the best route to go.  I still got some wax in the pan.  I was also afraid of busting the glass when I was taking it out and putting it in.  I went to the thrift to find a bigger pan that I could use, because I tell you this is soooo fun!  I just need to find more molds.  And more crayons!

2010-10-22 2010-10-22 004

Here is the finished product!  I picked up these lollypop bags made by Wilton.  I used a MS circle punch and orange scrap card stock to make these little tags.  I was afraid that a little kiddo would taste them.  I know they are none toxic, but yuck! 

When you add up everything these little bags only cost about 35 cents a piece!  Not bad!

Tomorrow, I will post the rest of the gift bags so stay tuned!