Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Project 30

I’m really excited to be participating in Project 30!  What is that you ask? 

It’s a great idea for a great cause.  It’s Samantha’s (of The Life and Times of the Smith Family) goal to collect 30 blankets for Project Linus, a charity that gives handmade blankets to seriously ill children.  While I haven’t had experience with this charity, I know how special it is for someone who is hospitalized to receive a handmade blanket. 

Go here and read about it!  Hopefully you will decide to join in with me!

This is the start of my blanket.  I decided on crochet because I can do that super easy (and quick).  Samantha hosted a Make-A-Blanket Day/Weekend, and although I am way too far away, I decided to join in.  Well sort of.  The only thing I was able to accomplish on Sunday was  the realization that none of the patterns I had were going to work.  Even though I gauged a couple of different ones, the weight was just too big.  I decided to do what I knew best, a giant Granny Square. 

2010-08-10 2010-08-10 001

This is what I was able to accomplish yesterday in a couple of hours through the day.  I figured I had to make up for the weekend.  This is also one skein.  I was hoping that I could make it through another one today, but was only able to add a couple of rows.  Even though it looks like it in the picture, the blanket doesn’t really look like  it points toward the middle.  I really excited about how it’s turning out.  I decided to go with cotton after reading the charities requirements (even though they do accept acrylic).  I picked Bernat’s Cottontots in Wonder White because it’s clean, delicate, and super soft.  Perfect for either a girl or boy.  I know that I want to do a decorative edge, but haven’t decided what yet.  Maybe a little yellow or green.  Or not.

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Samantha said...

Lisa, you are SO thoughtful! And generous! Thank you, thank you! ♥