Monday, August 2, 2010

Pone to pick with Paula Deen

After our long hot day at the Savannah zoo,  we were starving for some lunch.  I decided to drive toward Tybee Island and stop at the first restaurant I could find.  It just so happened that I passed Uncle Bubba’s, the seafood restaurant of Paula Deen’s brother Bubba.  After a U-turn and a short wait we were in.  I was excited and STARVING!  This was going to be great!

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You see, Paula Deen is usually my recipe go-to gal.  I know!  You guys thought it was going to be Martha right?  Well I pretty much gave up on Martha’s recipes a long time before Everyday Food came out.   My little rural grocery store never carried half of the ingredients.  Yet, Paula’s recipes are straight forward and familiar.  Prefect for the family get together.  So in a way I had come to rely on Paula.  I had developed a sort of trust.

So when they brought out the appetizer corn muffins, I just knew they were going to be delicious and just the thing to put off our grumbling tummies until our entree's arrived.  I cut into one and slathered on the butter Paula style, and then bit into the soft flaky muffin . . . and got a totally shock.  There was SUGAR in the cornbread!

Ok I guess I have to explain.  Us southerners do NOT put sugar in our corn bread.  If there is sugar in it, then it’s Yankee corn bread.   There isn’t much else that Southerners take such offense at.  Well, there are things, but I tell you this goes right up to the top of the list . . . possibly under . . . well quite frankly I can’t think of what it would be under it’s that high on the list.

Now, I know that it’s Uncle Bubba’s and not The Lady and Sons, but I’m sure Paula is partial owner and as older sister the recipe checker for her brother’s restaurant.  I mean how could she not be?  How could this happen?  Paula was suppose to be the figure head for southern cooking, and she lets sugar corn bread sneak by?  How could she? 

I had to double check her recipe  and I found this one online.  As you can see sugar is not listed as an ingredient.  But Mrs. Paula is on probation.  And if I ever get to talk to her in person, lets just say I have a pone to pick with Paula Deen.

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Lainey-Paney said...

I am SOOOOO with you.
I HATE sweet cornbread.
I HATE sweet butter.
I like salty butter on my plain cornbread!