Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A good day: A-Team and the Farmer’s Market . . . and a little Martha

It’s funny how somethings make you stop and think how luck you are.  Today it was watching A-Team Season 2 while sitting on a Darth Vader Beach towel playing with Captain America and eating boiled peanuts with one of my favorite guys.  Ah Heaven!

The boiled peanuts came from the mondo trip we made to the Farmer’s Market this morning.  I bought a ton of peaches, tomatoes, okra, beans, grapes, cucumbers, and one bell pepper.  Not to mention what I have left from our trip on Saturday.  I’m trying to stock up our freezer.

Here is our hall from Saturday.  It’s peaches, okra, corn, and beets.  I got more today.  Way more.

2010-08-07 2010-08-07 001

Sadly our little garden didn’t produce much this year.  I’m really sad about the beats we planted.  We have garden raiders by the names of Rascal and Roscoe apparently.  Yes, we have rabbits, and I have forbidden my husband to shot them.  I don’t really believe in killing animals unless you or going to eat them (snakes and house rodents not included).  Although they have been feasting on our garden all summer, the rabbits are so small so what’s the point.  I would much rather watch them in the yard.  I think we are just going to have to build a better fence next year.

I was able to get a few more rows done on my blanket for Project 30.  Not enough to share yet, but I will again soon. 

2010-08-10 2010-08-10 003

I did want to report that last week I made a trip to Big Lots to look for Martha Stewart deals.  And I am soooooo proud of myself!  I only bought one thing.  Can you believe it?  Me neither!  It was a ruler for $4.  What a deal.  Maybe I’ve taken control over my addiction.  I’ve accrued so much Martha that I might have to do a Martha themed giveaway soon.  How does that sound?

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Jenny said...

My kids love boiled peanuts but my hubby thinks they're gross! Sorry to hear about your garden! Ours did alright. Our beans never produced, but we had tomatoes and cucumbers coming out of our ears!