Monday, June 14, 2010

The Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen . . .EVER

Yesterday night after coming home from a long car trip, Hubs  and I settled down to watch a movie that he picked out for us last week.  It’s way over due.  The movie he picked was The Road . . . DO NOT watch this film.  It was the saddest most depressing movie I have ever seen . . . And I’ve been to film school . . . and had to take feminist film  . . . which was pretty gross and depressing. 

When I say that this was the worst movie I’ve ever seen, I don’t mean it from any sort of artistic perspective.  There was nothing wrong with the normal things that go wrong in film.  In fact the acting and some of the shots were brilliant.  I just don’t understand why anyone wanted to make this film.  Why anyone would want to write this book.  Usually in films there is at least some moral or up lifting moment . . . not in this one.  If there is a son or father in your life for the love of Pete, do not watch this movie.  I wish I had been warned. 

And Hubs movie picking privileges have been revoked.


Jenny said...

Uh Oh! Haven't seen it and now I never will. Thanks for the heads up!

Pregnantly Plump said...

The reviews made it sound super depressing, so I've made a point of staying away.

Samantha said...

I'm SO sorry. I should have warned you. And everyone else that I know too, for that matter, like you did. We watched it {Ben chose it on OnDemand} and I told him afterwards that if it had lasted another five minutes, the kids would have been sleeping in bed with us that night. And it took me nearly an hour to fall asleep... despite the fact that it was midnight when we went to bed.

I. hated. that. movie.

And I don't use the word hate carelessly.

We should have rented Leap Year in the first place like I wanted. His privileges are revoked for the time being too.

Lainey-Paney said...

A coworker gave that same review, i swear! She said that she'd never watch it again, and doesn't want anyone else to watch such depressing stuff either.