Monday, June 7, 2010

Rock’n Roll Party

A few months back we had a rock star party at our house! 

First I decided to make a birthday shirt. 

2010-02-20 118

I freezer stenciled a guitar with a three in the middle.  I hand drew the guitar and three.  I used white Speedball screen printing ink.  I was hoping to try the Jacquard brand, but the only place I have seen it has been Joann’s, and there isn’t one close.  I had to do several layers of the ink to cover since it was white on black.  I’m not sure if that is the reason that it has cracked after several washings or if it was the paint.   It isn’t perfect, but to date he says this is his favorite shirt ever.  Awesome!

Then we had a photo shoot of some fantastic guitar and drum playing.  After getting the perfect picture, I scanned some fabric that I was originally going to use to make favor bags, and used that as the background for our party details.  Then I went to one of the local pharmacy stores and printed them out as 5x7s. 

BD Invite

Then every good concert must have a marquee right?  I tried finding a blank image online, but couldn’t find anything.  I decided to just make my own on Publisher.  I made a grid, and then did a yellow gradient box behind that.  I can’t remember the fonts but the one for Main Stage ins Engravers MT.  It’s one of my favorites.  I didn’t want to pay to have it printed at a printing shop, so I just printed it out on paper and then taped it together. 

Here is what our concert goes saw as the drove up to our “venue”

BD Sign

And here are a few more that I decided to make.  The colors for the signs are actual colors picked up from the fabric. 

2010-02-20 097

The one above was for the kitchen where we decided to go simple and service Chick-filla.  Picking the food was a hard one.  I decided to just think of what our little musician would have in his green room . . . Chick-filla nuggets, vegetables and fruit.  Well, he would if Mommy was his manager, and she is.  If it was up to him it would have been candy, lots and lots of candy.

2010-02-20 098

2010-02-20 100

2010-02-20 106
I thought that this was hilarious.  No there really wasn’t a key.

2010-02-20 010

I was afraid with the mix of ages that we had that some of the kids would be bored.  When I found this rock in roll dog tag foam kit at Michael’s, I thought it might be something that the older kids could do and take home with them, and something that the little ones could do with help.  I called them back stage passes. 

Some of the time was also taken up with applying tattoos.  I  purchased them at Party City, but ended up only using half of them.  Most of them I thought were inappropriate for younger children.  Or really any age but older teens and adults.  Something doesn’t quite seem right about little kids wearing skulls. 

And now onto the dessert portion of our party!  Jerusalem of A Jolly Goode Gal planned a Rock’n Roll party for her son, and decorated her cup cakes with pixie dust stars!  I thought this was cute, and remembered it when I was planning my party.  I cut a star shape into a top of one of the icing jars and used it as stencil to dust some colored sugar over the adult cupcakes.  Not all of my stars turned out perfect . . .

2010-02-20 039

I was so excited when I saw these microphone cupcakes at Family Fun (I couldn’t find the link to cupcakes at Family Fun, but they very much like the ones here).  My sister who usually makes the fancy cakes bowed out.  When I was elbow deep in chocolate pixies, icing, and cupcake crumbs I figured out why. 

2010-02-20 040

As perfect as these were, if you decide to make these DO NOT follow the directions like I did.  Apparently you can cook cake mix IN the ice cream cones to make these instead of trying to cram cupcakes into the openings.  They still turned out though, and were a hit I think.  Something I did change is that the recipe called for licorice whips. I couldn’t find them anywhere. I decided to improvise by getting sour strings ribbons and peeling them apart.   Perfect!
Besides the signs, the rest of the decorations were fairly simple.  I bought foil starts from Party City and hung them around the room. 

2010-02-20 105

Then I took some sheets that we had that just happened to match our color scheme, and I draped them over our entertainment center to make our stage.  I took some blue, green, and purple twinkle lights that I already had and  swaged them over the sheets for stage lighting.  I did have some clamp lights but I thought it would add too much heat.  I also moved some of our furniture to make sure there was enough room for guests. 


We also had a microphone and a speaker set up, but no one really used it.   I had also brought down a box with all of our assorted musical instruments for the kids to play with. We had drums, horns, and guitars.  That was a lot of fun for a while.  

For favors, because of time I decided to just use gift bags in coordinating colors instead of using the fabric that I had picked out earlier.  Instead that fabric was used as a table cloth for the food, which I didn’t get pictures of.  The gifts inside the bags were plastic guitars that I had luckily got on clearance at Michael’s after Christmas, plastic kazoos from Party City, Pop Rocks, and of course their backstage passes.

2010-02-20 110

And here it is after all our little Rock Stars trashed the stage.  HA!

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