Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Keep or Purge

Maybe instead of choosing the word “keep”  for my one word resolution this year I should have chosen “purge.”

A few weekends back  we had a our first yard sale at this house and the second in our marriage.  I was still trying to get rid of our bachelor things.  We also had somethings that were left here by the other owners and some stuff that we had changed out since we moved in (front door, chandelier, etc.).  We did really great!  Hubs kept telling me, “we are making room, not money.”  I think we did really well on both fronts.  After the sale we took most of the leftovers to our local thrift (which was about three good sized boxes)  and kept some of our big ticket items to sell online.  Big ticket being VCR’s and TV’s, TV console, corner desk, etc. 

Well I think I’m going to sell it online.  It seems that since the yard sale I’ve been finding more stuff I want to get rid of, so I haven’t decided if another yard sale is in our future or not.  It feels so much better to be getting our garage back.  And cathartic to just free myself up from clutter.  And the more space I have, the more room I have to find more things to get rid of.  I feel like I’m on my own version of Clean Sweep?  (But just so you know we weren't any where near as bad as those on the show . . . just sayin)

I have decided to find a few things everyday to put in my get rid of pile.  This might seem a little crazy, but it’s been working so far.  I put it in the pile, and then walk away.  If I don’t go get it I’m pretty sure it isn’t something that I need. 

Yesterday the big accomplishment was signing up on the website  I’ve already listed 16 books (the requirement for your first two credits is 10), and I hope to hear from someone soon!  So far, being that we just signed up last night, I think this is a great idea.  My husband really goes through books, but doesn’t really have time to go to our local library.  I end up paying late fees because it takes me too long to read them anyway.  I think this will be a win win.

So, what are some things you guys do to keep down clutter and free up space?

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Pregnantly Plump said...

We are planning to have a garage sale soon. Bob's working weekends right now and I'm not up to holding a garage sale and keeping up with 2 littles by myself. We have lots of stuff that came with our house that we don't want.