Friday, May 14, 2010

Serving Bag


I know this isn’t a super duper craft, but I think that sometimes the best crafts to make are the simple things that make life a little easier

And so the Serving Bag was born.  Although we do have a good bit of cabinets, it seems like we still don’t have enough space.  Luckily though we have a small room in our basement that I like to think of as our pantry.  That is were we keep extra groceries, bulk supplies, and serving pieces.  The only thing is that it is in our basement, so I can’t exactly just lay platters out open on the shelf.  I had been wrapping it in cellophane, but that just seemed really wasteful so I thought, hey why not make a bag?  And so I did.  This is a simple pull tie bag made from Kona cotton, just like the bags that I made for Christmas last year


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