Monday, May 24, 2010

Empty Nest

Here is what my view on my front porch has been the last few weeks.

2010-05-12 2010-05-12 003

2010-05-12 2010-05-12 020

2010-05-12 2010-05-12 021

And here is Momma waiting on me to quit taking pictures of her hungry babies so she can come and feed them.  Several times she would come swooping in but then change direction at the last minute.  But not in a flying at my head way, but more of a reminder of her presence.  I don’t think she minded me taking pictures really.  Almost as if she was proud of her little babies.  She would wait on this near by branch, until I starting taking too long trying to get the best picture and then she would start to swoop in.

2010-05-12 2010-05-12 019

It seems like the babies only stayed around a week.  They seemed to start out as little grey specks that grew into larger specks with hungry open beaks.  And then into little fluffy birds.  They didn’t seem quite full grown, but one day I noticed that the nest was empty and then later in the evening while working on the bed I heart a thump.  I realized that the thump was one of the little birds hitting the trash can.  I guess he had a little accident on his first flying trip.  I kept a watchful eye on him for a while, but after a few minutes he disappeared.  I guess he got some strength back and continued on his merry way.  I kind of thought the little ones would hang around for a while, but that was the last of the little birds.  They were gone.  I kind of miss them.

It started me thinking about Motherhood.  How new mother’s spend so much time feathering their nests.  Searching for the perfect pieces and placing them just so.  Watching our little ones get bigger before our eyes.  Until one day they just fly.   And it all seems to happen in a moment. 

………….and by the way Momma Bird is still in her little nest in the evenings.   I wonder if she is waiting for a visit.

**UPDATE:  I'm not sure what it is.  I think it might be an Eastern Phoebe, but it may not be either.  I'm pretty sure it is some sort of Flycatcher.  Anyone else know?


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

They're so sweet!

Jenny said...

That is so neat! What kind of bird is that?