Sunday, May 30, 2010

Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee . . . as I do the freak out dance

Ok, this post is not pleasant, not pleasant in the least.  It’s not pleasant to write or to think about.  This is not for the faint of heart people . . . you’ve been warned.  I almost thought of continuing on with my life and not looking back . . . but how can I not blog this? 

A few weeks back I was weeding, and saw a hole underneath a bush.  I peered into the hole and this is what I saw . . .

2010-03-24 2010-03-24 014

Well, after completely freaking out and calling everyone I know (which was no help because the only one who answered was Hubs and he was 300 miles away),  I decided to take a hoe and while hanging over the staircase on the front porch dig into the hole.  Well it turned out to be this.

2010-03-24 2010-03-24 022

Luckily for me (and my family who has now been threatened within an inch of their life to be available if I need someone to  . . . well come dig up suspicious roots for me) it turned out to be nothing.

Well . . tonight we weren’t so lucky because after arriving home from dinner and walking up to the front porch I told Hubs to watch out for the bird.  So he ducked and continued on.  Then he said, “Hey what is that?  There is something in there . . .”

2010-05-29 2010-05-29 004

. . . . and then I start to freak out and push Hubby into the door.  Some might say I was trying t0 push him aside, but I would like to think that I was pushing him to safety . . . yeah safety.

So anyway, I totally FREAKED out.  Of course I did.  (And let me just say that although, yes I was raised in the country and have respect for all animals, that does not mean that I love or even like all animals.  Being country doesn’t mean that you are critter loven like Ellie Clampet . . . or dumb like Jeithro.)  And the snake is no more.  And Hubbs is my hero . . . or is still my hero. 

I didn’t just take the picture to blog.  I also took the picture to make sure we knew which kind it was, and luckily I’m pretty sure it was a corn snake or rat snake.  Luckily because 1.  I know that there wasn’t a venomous snake near the house.  If it had been I might be typing this from a local hotel right now.  And 2.  Because they aren’t aggressive because we walked right under the  %^*$ thing!  I feel an itsy bit bad about it because it kills rodents, but quite frankly I don’t feel  that bad because of number two and because of the gift that I’m pretty sure it left on our porch last year.  AND it was in my birds nest.  Sadly the nest was lost in the scuffle.  Good news, there was no birdie bulge. 

Even though me digging up the root was a good story for getting a few laughs at my own expense, I must say I now feel vindicated.  Even though it wasn’t were I thought it was, there was a snake.  So I’m not just some crazy lady who calls people to dig up fungie roots!

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