Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

This is a great video in honor of our troops.  I am so proud of Zac and the guys in his band and so proud of our soldiers.  And if you haven’t submitted your Letter for Lyrics or want to know of more information go here.  What is a better way to celebrate Memorial Day than to thank a soldier?

Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee . . . as I do the freak out dance

Ok, this post is not pleasant, not pleasant in the least.  It’s not pleasant to write or to think about.  This is not for the faint of heart people . . . you’ve been warned.  I almost thought of continuing on with my life and not looking back . . . but how can I not blog this? 

A few weeks back I was weeding, and saw a hole underneath a bush.  I peered into the hole and this is what I saw . . .

2010-03-24 2010-03-24 014

Well, after completely freaking out and calling everyone I know (which was no help because the only one who answered was Hubs and he was 300 miles away),  I decided to take a hoe and while hanging over the staircase on the front porch dig into the hole.  Well it turned out to be this.

2010-03-24 2010-03-24 022

Luckily for me (and my family who has now been threatened within an inch of their life to be available if I need someone to  . . . well come dig up suspicious roots for me) it turned out to be nothing.

Well . . tonight we weren’t so lucky because after arriving home from dinner and walking up to the front porch I told Hubs to watch out for the bird.  So he ducked and continued on.  Then he said, “Hey what is that?  There is something in there . . .”

2010-05-29 2010-05-29 004

. . . . and then I start to freak out and push Hubby into the door.  Some might say I was trying t0 push him aside, but I would like to think that I was pushing him to safety . . . yeah safety.

So anyway, I totally FREAKED out.  Of course I did.  (And let me just say that although, yes I was raised in the country and have respect for all animals, that does not mean that I love or even like all animals.  Being country doesn’t mean that you are critter loven like Ellie Clampet . . . or dumb like Jeithro.)  And the snake is no more.  And Hubbs is my hero . . . or is still my hero. 

I didn’t just take the picture to blog.  I also took the picture to make sure we knew which kind it was, and luckily I’m pretty sure it was a corn snake or rat snake.  Luckily because 1.  I know that there wasn’t a venomous snake near the house.  If it had been I might be typing this from a local hotel right now.  And 2.  Because they aren’t aggressive because we walked right under the  %^*$ thing!  I feel an itsy bit bad about it because it kills rodents, but quite frankly I don’t feel  that bad because of number two and because of the gift that I’m pretty sure it left on our porch last year.  AND it was in my birds nest.  Sadly the nest was lost in the scuffle.  Good news, there was no birdie bulge. 

Even though me digging up the root was a good story for getting a few laughs at my own expense, I must say I now feel vindicated.  Even though it wasn’t were I thought it was, there was a snake.  So I’m not just some crazy lady who calls people to dig up fungie roots!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Cribs, Highchairs, Etc.

2010-05-27 2010-05-27 029

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the post but I hate not having a picture. 

I just found a screw in the floor underneath our high chair.  This irritates me to no end!  I hate . . . no loath our high chair.  As hard as I tried to pick good products on your registry, it seem like I got so many things wrong.  Our high chair was one of them.  It is a fold up one by Graco.  It was great for little littles, but  as soon as the self feeding started it was a disaster.  I am so embarrassed of it, I won’t even take a picture.  The cover has long since retired and now it’s just a seat, but it has so many nooks and crannies for things to get caught in.  Yuk!  I even have an old toothbrush that I use trying to clean it, but it only seems to help a little.  I thought about making my own cover, but there are too many things to factor in to get the fit right.  I’m afraid that is just beyond my skills. 

So anyway, back to the screw.  Luckily I found where it had fallen out from and replaced it.  While I was under there I just decided to check all the screws.  I wonder if that is something your other Moms do.  Have you ever checked your baby gear for loose screws?

I have been thinking about this more since the proposed banning of drop side cribs.  We use a drop side, and I never really thought of it as a possible danger before.  I’m positive that it wasn’t put together wrong, so I know that won't be an issue.  But it was something that I had to put together.  One article I read said that part of the danger with these cribs is that they aren’t put together correctly or that after long use they arn't sturdy any more.  

So what do you guys think?  How do you guys feel about drop sides?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Empty Nest

Here is what my view on my front porch has been the last few weeks.

2010-05-12 2010-05-12 003

2010-05-12 2010-05-12 020

2010-05-12 2010-05-12 021

And here is Momma waiting on me to quit taking pictures of her hungry babies so she can come and feed them.  Several times she would come swooping in but then change direction at the last minute.  But not in a flying at my head way, but more of a reminder of her presence.  I don’t think she minded me taking pictures really.  Almost as if she was proud of her little babies.  She would wait on this near by branch, until I starting taking too long trying to get the best picture and then she would start to swoop in.

2010-05-12 2010-05-12 019

It seems like the babies only stayed around a week.  They seemed to start out as little grey specks that grew into larger specks with hungry open beaks.  And then into little fluffy birds.  They didn’t seem quite full grown, but one day I noticed that the nest was empty and then later in the evening while working on the bed I heart a thump.  I realized that the thump was one of the little birds hitting the trash can.  I guess he had a little accident on his first flying trip.  I kept a watchful eye on him for a while, but after a few minutes he disappeared.  I guess he got some strength back and continued on his merry way.  I kind of thought the little ones would hang around for a while, but that was the last of the little birds.  They were gone.  I kind of miss them.

It started me thinking about Motherhood.  How new mother’s spend so much time feathering their nests.  Searching for the perfect pieces and placing them just so.  Watching our little ones get bigger before our eyes.  Until one day they just fly.   And it all seems to happen in a moment. 

………….and by the way Momma Bird is still in her little nest in the evenings.   I wonder if she is waiting for a visit.

**UPDATE:  I'm not sure what it is.  I think it might be an Eastern Phoebe, but it may not be either.  I'm pretty sure it is some sort of Flycatcher.  Anyone else know?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Well . . . not completely

2010-05-16 2010-05-16 004

I am almost finished with the bed.  I only have the rails and cleats to attach and the slats to cut.  And then I have to sand and put on some mineral oil.  I hope it fits!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Did you know I could build furniture? . . . Me neither!

Well, I thought it would be better to go ahead and share this project.  I thought that if I went ahead and said what I was doing that I would have more motivation to finish it . . . unlike  some of the other projects that start it the basement.   Like that rocking chair that you can see in the back ground.  It is finally finished, after at least two years.  And all I had to do was put it together and spray paint.
2010-05-14 2010-05-14 001

So what am I doing you ask?  Well, I am attempting to make a Toddler Farmhouse Bed from Knock-Off Wood.  (I just wanted to add that I first saw this site from Samantha when she made a super cute bench.)

Have I ever made anything before, well . . . not really.  I have made a hearth cover, but nothing really in the line of true furniture.  In fact this is the first time I have successfully used a hammer (successfully used very loosely.  See below)! 

2010-05-15 2010-05-15 016

Don’t all serious contractors have blood blisters? 

Anyway, the pile of wood was yesterday evening work.  And below is what I had by the end of today.  A more experienced furniture builder would probably be finished by now.  A more experienced builder wouldn’t have had to make three trips to the hardware store already, and would have known that you can’t leave your drill battery plugged in all the time.  And an experienced builder would have known how to countersink screws.  Needless to say the nice hardware salesman and I are becoming fast friends. 

2010-05-15 2010-05-15 001

Tomorrow I will be done!  Hopeful wishing? 

2010-05-15 2010-05-15 012

Letters for Lyrics: Breaking Southern Ground

2010-05-15 2010-05-15 010

So . . . I got mine!  Have you got yours yet?  No!  Then you better go here to find out how you can!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Serving Bag


I know this isn’t a super duper craft, but I think that sometimes the best crafts to make are the simple things that make life a little easier

And so the Serving Bag was born.  Although we do have a good bit of cabinets, it seems like we still don’t have enough space.  Luckily though we have a small room in our basement that I like to think of as our pantry.  That is were we keep extra groceries, bulk supplies, and serving pieces.  The only thing is that it is in our basement, so I can’t exactly just lay platters out open on the shelf.  I had been wrapping it in cellophane, but that just seemed really wasteful so I thought, hey why not make a bag?  And so I did.  This is a simple pull tie bag made from Kona cotton, just like the bags that I made for Christmas last year


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Long Vacation

I know it has been forever since I have been able to post anything, but as you can see above I’ve had a good reason.  I’ve also gotten my new computer, but haven’t quite got all the kinks out.  I know that eventually it will make things smoother, thus making my life easier, but I’m not really sure when that will start.  I finally figured out wireless, and outlook conversion, but have yet to tackle actual file moving, picture downloading, and printer hook up. 

But when I do, I have lots of things to share.  Lots of really cool things.  So hopefully it won’t be that long.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Letter's for Lyrics May 10th

Letter’s for Lyrics starts May 10th! I hope you guys decided to participate. Not only will you be receive a free CD (Breaking Southern Ground) for taking your letters to a Dodge Ram dealer or a Zac Brown Band concert, but you will be supporting America’s troops! Win win!

I know that I will be taking mine! Their goal is for one million letters. I really pray that the goal is totally blown out of the water. For more information go here

Zac Brown Band - : -

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or go to the Ram Trucks website for a free Download of Toes. Dodge will make a donation to Soldier’s Angels for each Download. Another win win!