Thursday, March 4, 2010

Freezer Paper Stencil: The Duke

Since I haven’t been feeling up to much lately, I thought this would be a good time to share some of the things on my ‘to blog’ list.  Here are some of my attempts at freezer paper stenciling.  They were for Hubs.  He is a fan of John Wayne.  The first is a copy of a picture that he had hanging on the walls of his bachelor pad when we first started dating.  The first turned out pretty well.

The second was from Roster Cogburn I think. I was trying to do a technique that I read about here. It didn’t turn out well though.

I think that I didn’t let the paint dry or else I was just using the wrong kind.  I want to try it with the Jacquard brand, which is what everyone else seems to be using.  I think this is just Tulip brand.  It works ok, but not so well for this.  When I ironed over it, the paint puffed under the freezer paper.  And it took FOREVER to cut out.

I wish I could remember where the images come from.  I have them saved on the computer, but not sure where I found them.  I’ve had problems finding good images.  So if you guys freezer stencil, where do you get or images?  And, even better, what paint do you use?
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Samantha said...

Ooh! We just did some last night!

I wonder why the Tulip paint bubbled for you? I've used Tulip and Speedball screen printing ink. I really like the Speedball, but I only have it in black and red. I'm interested in seeing what you think if you use the Jaquard!