Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cabin Fever!


I am so stinkin ready for this weather to be over.  And for this cold that I have been hanging on to for a month (yeah that’s right a MONTH!) to go away.  I’m ready to get out!  I’m ready to wear shorts and cute t-shirts and flip flops and plant the garden and do yard work and have a yard sale . . . yeah it’s gotten that bad.  So please pray for me before I start breaking out my summer clothes, blaring Buffet, and making Pina Coladas (I found a really good organic pineapple coconut juice at Ingles that over ice taste almost fresh off the beach).  All in between tissues I'm sure.

 Speaking of Buffet, CMT’s Cross Roads on March 19 will have new Grammy winner Zac Brown playing with Jimmy Buffet!  Awesome!  I’m super excited.

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Kim said...

i'm so ready for summer too! cabin fever is driving me NUTS.

found your blog through a comment on anna maria's.

Pregnantly Plump said...

I've been fussing at Punxatawny Phil and his little groundhog shadow for a couple of weeks now. It's time to at least put away the heavy winter coats.