Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Under the weather

I had intended text to be in this post when I first uploaded it, but my computer froze before I could include it.  It seems that everything around here is still feeling under the weather, computer included.  That is part of the reason that I haven’t posted in a while.  We have been visited by the stomach bug, and now cough.  And I’m afraid that I might have to be purchasing a new computer soon.  I’m totally not looking forward to it.

The picture above is from last week when we finally had a break in the rain.  There were a few hours when the sun broke through the clouds and everything just seemed washed and shining.  I love days like that.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Project Runway Season 7 Dream Team for Episode 7

Here is my pick for this week.  I will probably regret this one too.  Oh well.  Fingers crossed.

Freezer Paper Stencil: The Duke

Since I haven’t been feeling up to much lately, I thought this would be a good time to share some of the things on my ‘to blog’ list.  Here are some of my attempts at freezer paper stenciling.  They were for Hubs.  He is a fan of John Wayne.  The first is a copy of a picture that he had hanging on the walls of his bachelor pad when we first started dating.  The first turned out pretty well.

The second was from Roster Cogburn I think. I was trying to do a technique that I read about here. It didn’t turn out well though.

I think that I didn’t let the paint dry or else I was just using the wrong kind.  I want to try it with the Jacquard brand, which is what everyone else seems to be using.  I think this is just Tulip brand.  It works ok, but not so well for this.  When I ironed over it, the paint puffed under the freezer paper.  And it took FOREVER to cut out.

I wish I could remember where the images come from.  I have them saved on the computer, but not sure where I found them.  I’ve had problems finding good images.  So if you guys freezer stencil, where do you get or images?  And, even better, what paint do you use?
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cabin Fever!


I am so stinkin ready for this weather to be over.  And for this cold that I have been hanging on to for a month (yeah that’s right a MONTH!) to go away.  I’m ready to get out!  I’m ready to wear shorts and cute t-shirts and flip flops and plant the garden and do yard work and have a yard sale . . . yeah it’s gotten that bad.  So please pray for me before I start breaking out my summer clothes, blaring Buffet, and making Pina Coladas (I found a really good organic pineapple coconut juice at Ingles that over ice taste almost fresh off the beach).  All in between tissues I'm sure.

 Speaking of Buffet, CMT’s Cross Roads on March 19 will have new Grammy winner Zac Brown playing with Jimmy Buffet!  Awesome!  I’m super excited.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I can’t remember where I originally saw this idea (maybe Family Fun Magazine), but I thought I would give it a try.  We have a very picky eater in the house.  I thought this might be a great opportunity to try something fun and new.  It was easy to make.  You just need to push hard spaghetti noodles into sliced hotdogs, and then boil.  Instead of regular hotdogs I used turkey dogs.

Verdict: It was fun, but the taste, was just ok.  I put a little spaghetti sauce over it, but hotdogs in spaghetti?  Maybe it would have been better if you used andouille sausage, but I’m not sure that is too kid friendly.  Or me friendly.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Summer Clothes: A Redo Make Do

I know that it is a little early to be posting about this, but this is actually a project from last year that I never got around to doing.  I know, I know, but at least this way it is in time for ya’ll to use it.  Right?

In stead of buying new play shorts, I decided to hem winter sweat pants into new shorts!  This way they will last longer before they are out grown!

And what about those t-shirts that comes with the longer sleeves sewn in?  Just snip the out!  And viola!  New short sleeve shirts that will last a little longer.

I will probably start making winter sweats into shorts soon, but I didn’t really buy any shirts with the longer sleeves in them this winter.  Instead I bought bigger sized t-shirts and long sleeve shirts to wear underneath.  That way the t-shirts will last through summer.

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