Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Project Runway Season 7 Dream Team

Ok, now back to fun stuff. Not only did I get behind on the blog, I also got behind on my Project Runway watching. During my sickie I pulled myself to the computer and finally watched the first three episodes. I did get to watch the fourth episode on Thursday. I was excited to see on the Lifetime website that they have started a dream team game! How awesome! And then I forgot about it until right before Thursday’s episode. I had to quickly pick my dream three and the watch the episode to see how I did. I think I only have a score of three points now. But I am behind a few weeks. And I didn’t do that good because my girl Anna was in the bottom. But this is lots of fun! I haven't decided if I want to change it up before next Thursday or not.  I really like Anna and Janeane, but only went with Anthony because he's funny and from Georgia.  It's kind of hard at this point because I'm not real sure what everyone's style is.  But it's fun to follow along this way.  And I'm still marking them out on my printout as the season goes along.  LOVE this show. 

An extra fun think about the dream team is that you can form a group and compete against each other.  Anybody else want to play? I would love to make a group.  Remember I only have three points!

And if you haven’t watched Project Runway in a while, and want to watch an episode I recommend Episode 2. It’s a potato sack challenge meaning burlap bags. I was thinking flour sacks so at first I was really excited, but then I realized it was burlap. Which is still pretty dang cool. Burlap is one of my favorite materials.  I even used it in my wedding.  One of the contestants did an ombré technique to dye the burlap.

I just thought flour sacks would be cool because of the vintage patterns. To me a flour sack dress (or quilt) is the ultimate example of a make-do mentality. Or as Tim Gunn says "make it work" mentality. Awesome.

And remember let me know if your up to a Project Runway Dream Team Competition!

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