Thursday, December 10, 2009


Regardless of the last post, Christmas is slow coming at our house. We have the advent calendar up, along with half of fall decor, and no tree. That’s right. We haven’t got up our tree. I’m hoping that will be concurred this weekend . . . if the weather will corporate. We haven’t begun to take our photos for the Christmas card. We have already received one in the mail. I think she is an over achiever (but I love her anyway!)

So besides having an advent calendar, is there anything remotely Christmas in our house? Yes, I finally found a nativity scene! I have looked for a couple of years to find one that I liked. The only one that came close wasn’t even an advent, it was a hand carved depiction of Noah’s Ark. It was WAY out of my price range. I wanted one that wasn’t too flashing. I’m not big on bright colors, and I really doubt that is what Mary and Joseph were wearing. And I had to have one where the manger and baby were two different pieces. Very hard to find. Also it had to be child friendly (ie not breakable). While doing some shopping at Target I found this one by Playmobil. It wasn’t totally ideal, but it fit my three criteria and it was only $17.

It did come with cute little pieces like the gifts from the Wise men, but I put those in a zip lock for later years so they won’t be lost. The stable part was made out of paper, so that stayed in the box. For right now I’m just using a basket that has been turned on it’s side.

I love this arrangement. It totally makes me laugh. It reminds me of that story with the five animals on top of each other. I guess I will have to Playmobile has a dog and a rooster. Or maybe they are just trying to see if Baby Jesus is here yet.

Here are the Wise men and camel patiently waiting

for someone to arrive Christmas day!

If you have a nativity scene (or many), please share!

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Pregnantly Plump said...

Very cute! I want a Little Peopleone, but they're a little pricey. Plus Little Elvis has already destroyed 2 ornaments I thought were unbreakable, so I have a feeling he'd find a way to destroy a nativity scene.