Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A letter

Last week while trying to get into the Christmas spirit and looking up our local Christmas parade, I saw that our Public Library was doing a ‘cards for Soldiers’ drive. They were due Monday, so I only had about a day to work on them, but I thought that it would be the perfect Christmas craft. Since I only had about a day, I thought the easiest thing to do would be to print off cards to decorate. I was hoping that there were some printable patriotic Christmas cards, but I couldn’t find any. The one I picked was from Fisher Price. The Library said that is was using this website AnySoldier to find address for Soldiers. I know there are several organizations that try to send support care packages, and the program Let’s Say Thanks sponsored by Xerox is probably the easiest.

Even though we only got about fourteen cards finished that day (some budding artist got tired on me), I am really proud of during this and think that it’s super important. I hope you decide to do it too.

(done by budding artist)

(camo card by My Personal Shopper)

(inside the card)

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