Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Leaf Hurricane

I found this craft last year at Salt and Chocolate and saved it because I knew it was something I would want to try. Although Mary Beth used regular mason jars, School in ‘R Home (which originally shared this project via The Crafty Crow) used small votives. Well, all I had was a ginormas pickle jar and an olive jar from the recycling. I decided to go with the pickle jar. I have no idea why I had this, but I had been keeping it back for a while.

We picked our leaves. I dried them for a day between parchment paper in my heavy atlas. They were still flexible though, and not crunchy at all. I decided to glue the leaves myself, because I was afraid that they would be torn. I just used regular school glue. We weren’t able to start back onto the project for a few days, which was ok, but the leaves were a little dry. Also the school glue wasn’t strong enough to hold it in places so I had to go back with a hot glue gun. For time, it probably would have been better to start with the hot glue.

Finally onto applying the tissue paper. I just ripped the paper into manageable sheets. We used water down school glue for this. I know that it is a little thick in places, but it looks beautiful with a lighted candle. And with my pickle jar I can use a big candle. I wonder if it wouldn’t have looked better if I had cut the paper in squares, but such is the joy of crafting with kiddoes!

Let me know if you try this! I would love to see what you decide to cover!

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Abbie said...

Cute! I also buy pickles in those huge jars and then save the jars - I have one full of pine cones in my girls' room! And I may try this with the next one - off to eat some pickles!

Anonymous said...

very cute!!!