Friday, November 13, 2009

Felt Needle Book

Do you ever have problems trying to find the right sewing needle? Well I have. Well, I use to. Until I finally finished my sewing needle book!

The design was embroidered without a pattern. The back is two pieces of plastic waffle board (not sure what it is really called) sandwiched between two pieces of green felt. There is one plastic board on the front and one for the back. Brown felt is used for the pages. I decided to use yellow card stock to distinguish between the many different kinds of needles.

To keep some of the needles from catching in the felt, I used velum between some of the pages. Now every needle in it’s place, and a place for every needle!

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Kitty said...

VERY good idea! I have a needle book, but never thought of multiple pages for each type of needle...very cute, too!