Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This was my first attempt at V&Co.’s Rice Bag Feet Warmer. I made it a lot shorter. In fact I layered the back the wrong way, but I didn’t care. I really REALLY love this! The longer size is probably better for a feet warmer, but this size is better for a heating pack.

The second one I made for a very special person, and decided to cover it in fleece. I have to say that all though it was warm and fuzzy; I prefer using regular cotton. I plan on making lots more of these.

I also wanted to mention that the fabric came from WM. I wish I had bought yards and yards because I love it so. The natural color and pink. And it is oh so soft. I went back, and sadly they were sold out.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

Very neat! I used to make pain pillows that were about that size. I used dried lentils and mint tea (mint's always helped ease my headaches.) Think they are very similar to what you made. I've loved my last one and it's obvious by the dirty fabric, will need to make another soon I believe.

Sarah said...

Hey Lisa, the coasters came from dollar tree also, but I think you are just too late. You need to get there like Mid Sept...(Which is when I bought most of that stuff.)

Suzanne said...

I'm addicted to these things. What works even better than rice is feed corn, the kind you buy at a farm and feed store. It holds the heat much longer. Winter's coming and I take my rice and corn bag to bed with me every evening!