Friday, October 2, 2009

Good bye (buys) September

September has been quite a month. From the look of my blog it looks like all I have done this month is go shopping at Big Lots. Really there have been lots more, but it’s not really blog worthy. I’m hoping that October will be a better month (and I know it will because it has three of my favorite holidays in it!)

And while I still haven’t been able to find a Dollar Tree to score some black birds, I did make three trips to Target this week. On trip one I found that they had their scrapbooking supplies on sale. It was picked over, but I got this set. I thought the paper was really cute and it came with a lot of embellishments. Can you see the price?

That’s right $3.24. I think most of the stuff was 75% off.

And on trip number two I found some really great frames for $3, $4, and $7 a piece. All with mattes. The one for $4 was a multi hole matte. It time it would have taken me to measure, let alone cut it out was well worth that. Plus, a sheet of matte board is $8 so if you need some frames I would defiantly check it out.

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