Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Balancing a Broom

Really what I wanted to say is “holy crap I can’t believe this works!”

Yes, as soon as I saw this astonishing feat of wonder on Chasing Cheerios I had to run down stairs and try it by myself. In fact, I left it there as I uploaded the pictures and published this post. I haven’t heard it fall yet. I’m going to try to not go back into the kitchen (because I have stupid squeaky floors) and see if it’s up in the morning.

And no it isn’t silly that I am 31 and I think this is cool . . . is it?

((Update:  Yes, it did stay up till morning!))

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

My First Giveaway: Tuxedo Scarf

 Today is a very important occasion . . . it’s my Birthday!

And I have big plans. Big big plans. I might make you wait until next week for those, but I do have a surprised planned for today. I’m hosting my first giveaway! I really hope this works. Here is what you could win . . .

It’s a handmade scarf. From my own pattern. I call it the Tuxedo Scarf.

I couldn’t get a picture of the true color because the lights pick up the different colors in the scarf. It is really more of very rich purple/plum color. I really loved how this turned out and almost thought of keeping it myself.

But I wanted to give a surprise to you in celebration of my birthday and say thank you for reading. And for having such great blogs for me to enjoy!

So here are the ways to enter
1) Leave a comment saying you would like to be entered (and how great I am)
2) Leave another comment saying you have gabbed about the giveaway (and how great I am) on your blog
3) Become a Follower (because I’m great) and leave another comment saying you have done so
4) Ask your readers to mention you in their first entry and you will gain another chance to win

So bottom-line is you could have a zillion chances to win!  The winner will be picked November 1 so comments will be open until midnight Halloween!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This was my first attempt at V&Co.’s Rice Bag Feet Warmer. I made it a lot shorter. In fact I layered the back the wrong way, but I didn’t care. I really REALLY love this! The longer size is probably better for a feet warmer, but this size is better for a heating pack.

The second one I made for a very special person, and decided to cover it in fleece. I have to say that all though it was warm and fuzzy; I prefer using regular cotton. I plan on making lots more of these.

I also wanted to mention that the fabric came from WM. I wish I had bought yards and yards because I love it so. The natural color and pink. And it is oh so soft. I went back, and sadly they were sold out.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Rosette Yo Yo Brooch

As it turns out, only two cousins handmade presents for the swap. Well, that’s not true; one of my wonderful Aunts brought her handmade jelly. But only my present and the one I received were handmade. At first we had each other’s presents which I thought was perfect, and then someone swapped with her for mine. It just happened to be her grandmother. She tried to talk her way into keeping the Rosette Yo Yo Brooch, but it didn’t work. I later told her I would make her one. I thought that it would be a nice keepsake for the both of them. Matching brooches. I hope that I got it right. Now if I can only get it in the mail . . .
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm so lucky!

After having my package taken away multiple times this is what I opened. I knew it was the perfect gift for me! Hand crocheted pouch with a hand stitched zipper! And what was inside . . . .

Burt’s Bees goodies.

I love this little pouch. I’ve loaded it up with my other Burt’s Bees and have it in my night stand. Hopefully, it will camouflage it so a certain someone will stay out of my hand cream.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

SD Swap Package

I decided to make a rice bag feet warmer for my gift. The idea came from V &Co. Actually, this is the third one I’ve made. This time I used some expired Jasmine rice, because I thought it might smell good. It was better than the regular rice. I also put more in. I’m not sure if that will make a difference or not. It did take longer to heat. I was wondering about putting in lavender. Not that I have any, but I thought it might be nice when it was heated . . . or it would explode in the microwave. Any thoughts?

And this is how I packaged it. A brown paper parcel tied up with string. And a Rosette Yo Yo Brooch. Would you pick it?

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Friday, October 16, 2009

She's Here!

I have been wanting a new camera for a while now, because (even though I LOVED it) our other camera was getting finicky. It took great pictures though and was super easy to use. That camera has served us very well. I know that I have been late to jump on the digital ban wagon, but I must say I love the compactness of digital cameras. The pick’um up and go easy of using one. I have been a big fan of Canon’s for a while now. I love how they (on most models) have the feel of a traditional camera. I’m not ready for a DSLR mainly because of their size. They seem so bulky and inconvenient. When I used my manual SLR I usually used the static 50mm lens for two reasons a) I was a poor college student and b) I hated lugging around equipment. I wanted something that I could use for family photos, but then get artistic with as well. All of these were making my search for a new camera kind of hard.

And then I heard that they were coming out with the new G11! I have high hopes folks. I picked her up last night! I haven’t got to play around much mainly because the weather is crappy here again, but I’m looking forward to it. I’ve just been shooting. I haven’t even opened the manual yet. The only thing I don’t like so far is that it takes a special battery. I hope that it doesn’t give me problems. We are sort of on a trial run here, and I have 14 days to see if she is going to work in our family. Let’s hope!

And while I’m at it I thought I would share a couple of pointers that help me with digital photography.

1) Read your manual. There are all kinds of cool things that your camera can probably do, but if you don’t figure out how to use them then it’s not worth the price tag.

2) Become friends with the scenes feature (I’m not sure if it’s called something else by other companies). Scenes is a way to make your camera more like a manual without having to understand the concepts of things like lighting, exposure, or shutter speed. Landscapes, Party (or Indoors), and Portrait I have found to be the most helpful. Landscape and Portrait because they really help with getting the focus correct, and Indoors because it helps things from being blurry. And then there is the Beach (or Snow). Without getting too technical, it’s really hard for a camera to meter sand or snow. Using this feature lets your camera adjust to get the perfect shot.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rosette Yo Yo Brooch

Its funny how sometimes I need something so I just whip it up, but if I have a project planned it never fails that I’m missing something. I’ve need to make a gift, but of course I have been procrastinating. Mainly because it’s a gift for a swap, and I was afraid no one would like what I made, and I was bound and determined to make something. More on that later. After my main gift part was finished, I felt like I needed a little something extra. So voila! A rosette yo yo brooch. Complete with hand covered button out of my button making stash. That part was quite fun. I think it’s rather cute and I hope someone else likes it. In fact I hope it is enticing enough to pick my package.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

First Aid

I made this night before last and couldn’t be happier with it. I have wanted one of these for my bag, but couldn’t decide on the size. The finished bag is about 7.5 x 8, and I used a 7” natural zipper. The cross came out exactly like I wanted, even though I wasn’t sure about it at first. I just cut it out by hand from Osnadburg. I love this stuff. It has a great natural color but it unravels very easy. I knew that it would be a problem, so I just decided to stitch it on with the free motion foot on Birgita. Then I pulled out some of the threads around the edges. It gives it sort of a bandage quality. The cloth on the inside has the perfect little hearts on it. I bought it from WM ages ago, because it reminded me of the skirt on my first Barbie.

Now I have a place to store my Tylenol, bandages, and even thermometer. This thing is great if you have kids, because the red stands out and you can find it in a flash. Well it does in my bag anyway. I’m really happy with it.
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Friday, October 2, 2009

Good bye (buys) September

September has been quite a month. From the look of my blog it looks like all I have done this month is go shopping at Big Lots. Really there have been lots more, but it’s not really blog worthy. I’m hoping that October will be a better month (and I know it will because it has three of my favorite holidays in it!)

And while I still haven’t been able to find a Dollar Tree to score some black birds, I did make three trips to Target this week. On trip one I found that they had their scrapbooking supplies on sale. It was picked over, but I got this set. I thought the paper was really cute and it came with a lot of embellishments. Can you see the price?

That’s right $3.24. I think most of the stuff was 75% off.

And on trip number two I found some really great frames for $3, $4, and $7 a piece. All with mattes. The one for $4 was a multi hole matte. It time it would have taken me to measure, let alone cut it out was well worth that. Plus, a sheet of matte board is $8 so if you need some frames I would defiantly check it out.

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