Thursday, September 10, 2009

Project Runway Season 6: Episode 3 (Spoiler)

Yes, I know that I didn’t post about last weeks Project Runway episode, and really it’s because I just wasn’t that into it. Some of the designs were nice, but t just wasn’t as good for me as episode 2. And sadly I missed Michael Korrs. He comes up with some of the funniest comparisons. I only heard one mentioned and I don’t know what it is now. So sorry folks, I guess I’m letting you down. How bout a link to this review to make it up? They have pictures up of each design. AND they have a voting poll at the bottom. I voted for Shirin (yes again) and voted Mitchell out. It was a toss up between him and Epperson though. Not really on design but I’m just not fond of him. Ra’mon winning though totally came out of left field for me. I would love to hear who is your favorite!

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