Friday, August 28, 2009

Project Runway Season Six: Episode 2 (Spoiler)

I was so excited that the design was suppose to be for a pregnant outfit. I hated maternity clothes. I also loved that Michael Kors wasn’t there to judge. It was perfect that the panel was of four women who had been (or was) pregnant. Perfect!

When the models were being dresses, I wondered about the boobs. It didn’t seem like any of the designers were taking that into consideration.

I was disappointed that we didn’t get a better look at all the designs. There were several that I seemed to miss. The one at the end was cute, but I have no idea whose it was because I looked down and missed it! I guess it’s because there are so many, but that is my favorite part.

My favorites were Shirin and Louise. I thought Louise’s design was nice and very wearable, but when I heard her explanation about the cups that would shift and the layers! Sold! On the other hand I loved Shirin’s as soon as she picked out the solid against the pattern fabric at the store. I just knew it would be great. I still think she was shafted in the first episode. But honestly, I would have to call this a tie. They were both too great to pick.

Now, on to the ones that were my least favorite. I honestly thought that Malvin’s egg thing didn’t look bad walking down the runway. But when the model is standing still, ugghhhkkk. Of course didn’t like Ra’mon’s either. I didn’t think Mitchell’s was that bad. I didn’t like Nicolas’s either, but can’t really remember it now. I was really expecting it to be Mitchell. I didn’t think they would look over bad sewing. It’s so interesting which one they choose. I really thought Malvin would be one that would hang in there until the last. Actually, that was my fear about him and Ari both. ***Updated to add that I didn't like Epperson's either. I can't believe I forgot to mention that one. Pregnant lady in a one piece suit? And he has children!"***

And my two favorite garment descriptions from this episode:
Rebbeca Romijn: bowling ball bag (Ra’mon’s)
Malvin: chicken thighs (his own design!)

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Samantha said...

I've got all the episodes so far this season from PR on my DVR {it's the first season that I'll actually be able to watch all the way through!} and haven't yet had the chance to watch it.... but now I'm DYING to watch this one! :)