Friday, August 28, 2009

How lucky!

After the farmer’s market last Saturday, I decided to do a quick stop at my secret shopping place . . .the local flea market. I know that flea markets aren’t secrets, but I tell you this one is. My local flea market is actually separate buildings were the dealers rent the buildings. They are in an oval so you can easily walk from building to building. This is an all year round flea market too, because the different venders can warm or cool only their small area. Most of the buildings are junk, so I usually just have two that I will shop at. There is one in particular, that has the best finds. Milk glass, tiara, dishes . . . I love it! The only thing is my husband told me I wasn’t allowed to bring any more plates into the house. I’ve slowed down on milk glass because I know that’s coming next. But how can he say no to old blue mason jars WITH lids? He can’t. He just can’t. He would be denying his heritage I tell ya. I’m not even going to tell you what I paid. When I saw the price marked my heart skipped a beat. You know that feeling you get when you find something great and you can’t decide what to do next? Whether you drop everything in your arms to grab it or stand there and yell at anyone who comes within a ten food radius? That’s how I felt even though my shopping place is such a secret there wasn’t anyone in there. Not even the dealer. She had stepped outside to talk to her neighbor. How great is that! So after I told her I was ready I asked if I took all four the jars could I have a better price, and she said yes. It. Was. Awesome! I gladly paid and left to call my personal shopper and brag. Even she couldn’t have beaten these prices!
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