Thursday, July 2, 2009

Library Bag

After I made the Party Bag, I was thinking about making a book bag for us. I started thinking about the perfect bag to take to the library. See I always take my books back late, mainly because I can never remember when I am supposed to return them. It’s ok with me though, because the fines are low and it is a very small town library. I thought the best bag for us would be one that had a pocket on the front so that we could put the little slip in it that you get when you check out books. That way when it’s time to make a trip to the library I will have a list so I can make sure nothing gets left at the house. Also, I will always know where to go to check on the due date.

So here it is, a revamp and much larger version of the Party Bag.

I decided that I wanted the final size to be 12” by 14” which I decided was the best size to hold library books. I cut out two pieces of fabric 13” by 16”. The straps I decided to make from denim so I cut out for 3” wide strips and sewed two of the strips ends together to make two very long straps. I then folded those in half; good side folded in, and sewed down the side. Then I turned it out, which took FOREVER.

When I made the pocket, I just cut around the back pocket of my jeans. I then sewed some left over bias strip from the Sling Sack onto the top. I laid it onto the top of one piece of fabric and decided where I wanted the pocket to go and where to place the straps. I sewed down the inside of the straps and that is what attached the sides of the pocket. The bottom of the pocket was attached when the bottom of the bag was sewed together. I thought that the heavy weight of the denim pocket made the bag pull down to one side so I decided to add a layer of matching brown fabric to the inside of the bag. I didn’t exactly add a liner as just added an extra layer for weight. I also sewed little corners in the bottom to make it hold books a little easier.

Here is the gratuitous sew in the pin shot. I used Barn Dandy’s by Robert Kaufman, old pants, left over brown fabric, and a very bright yellow Gutermann’s thread Color 1661. And there you have it!

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Samantha said...

Oooh! I love it! :) And I love that RK fabric too! I can't wait to make one {or a couple!} myself! Thanks!

{Seriously, I can't wait until we finish up Noah's big boy room and can show it off... if you like that fabric, you'll like his room!!}