Monday, November 16, 2009

Kiddy Pillow Two-fer

Here is one of my older projects that I have been meaning to share. It's a kids pillow!

I was looking for a small pillow at WM, when I realized that buying a regular pillow was cheaper. So what to do? Buy a regular size and cut it in half of course. And viola'! Two pillows for the price of one!

Making the pillow cases were really easy too. I just used the pillows to figure out the size. I know that there are tutorials, but really you don't need one for this.

I decided that this one needed a little something extra, so I added a fabric edge that matched the blanket. The second pillow was covered with a ducky flannel. Instead of adding a different fabric like on this one, I just folded the fabric over twice and stitched. Although I didn't use a hem stitch, it was pretty much the same idea.

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randi said...

Cutting the pillow in half is a great idea!