Monday, August 16, 2010

Felt Board with Pocket

Here is a project that I have been meaning to share. It’s my version of a felt board for a kids room.

Here is the my version part, a cloth pocket on the back! Perfect for those little pieces of felt.

Here is what you need
Cheap Canvas – I used a size 20” x 16”
Felt – from a bolt in the fabric depart not the craft section
Fabric – for the pocket
Wrights Jumbo Ric Rack or other trim
Alleene’s Tacky Glue
Hot Glue
Staple Gun

First you lay the canvas on top of the felt, and fold it around the canvas and trim off excess felt. Then glue the felt to the wood using Tacky Glue. Felt absorbs some glue oddly, making it stiff so don’t glue the felt directly to the canvas. For extra support staple the felt at the corners. Starting at one corner, hot glue the ric rack to the edge. Pull a little if needed to get the ends to match up together.

You could end here and have a nice felt board, but I decided I wanted to have a place to keep all the felt pieces with the board. The first step is to decide how big you want your pocket to be. My finished pocket measures 20” x 8.5”. Fold down what will be the top of your pocket 1” and press with a hot iron. Then turn down another 1” and press again. Then sew across with a straight stitch ½” from the top. Do one more straight stitch across ¼” below that. ( you can make these folds smaller if you wish depending on how much fabric you have.) Next fold and press the sides and bottom and do a single stitch around. This makes the square that you will attach with hot glue to form your pocket. If you aren’t a sewer maybe try hem tap instead of sewing the top, and then attaching the sides with hot glue and use ric rack to cover up the raw edges. Make sure the glue is fully dry before the littles play with it to insure a strong bond.

There you have it! If you decide to try this project, please come back and share a link! I would love to see it.

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Amber said...

Cute idea, too bad I don't have any kids... ;)

Shannon said...

WOW! LOVE it, such a smart idea! Thanks for sharing I will be posting this as the feature item for my You Made It Tuesday next week! Your project was my favorite one submitted! Make sure you drop by and grab my featured button from my left sidebar! Thanks again!